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During the discourse of my tumultuous thought process I happened across the subject of romance and how I, being the character and personality of abstract reasoning, would present myself towards it in writing. Tally Ho my fellow rider..I mean writer..and away!

After spending 7 hrs in the kitchen I finally produced the perfectly tasting strawberry pancake that I were to present to my beloved. She was asleep still and I had made it my goal not to wake her, yet I could not help but step closer to her blissfully beautiful stasis. And as I watched the sun beat upon her caring features she began to wake..stretching her elegant arms into the unworthy air. She opened her eyes and, “Oh my God!” Yes I thought to myself in her adorable surprise, “Just who the hell are you? How did you get into my house?”. I chuckled at my darlings playful manner and offered her the pancakes. Had I known that she did not like strawberries they may not have been kicked to the other side of the room…my mistake. “I’m calling the cops!” I began to notice that she was afraid of something, perhaps a bad dream. “Is something wrong my love?” She was frantically searching for the phone and told me not to move.. Something about being efficient in Kung Fu and kicking the balls off an elephant followed..she can be so random it’s almost funny.

I sighed and cleaned the area as to which the mess were made and saw her rushing out of the door. I followed in a hurry thinking perhaps she just needed fresh air. She started to cry for help in the street and thus I joined her, “Please help us, Please!”. She stopped and looked at me funny. “What?” I said. “Just what the hell are you doing?” She replied. “I was trying to find us some help”. She waved her hands for a taxi but none stopped and at my aggravation I insisted that she allowed me. Before she could say anything I jumped into the way of the next approaching cab, hitting the hood, windshield, tumbling off the back and saw Jesus… not necessarily in that accurate order. “Oh my God!” she said whilst running to my side. The cab driver got out but I quickly sent him back to the wheel. “Lets go then”. We got into the cab and she said “To the hospital!”. As we drove she kept looking at the bone peering from my leg. I wondered if she’d ask me if it hurt anytime soon but she did not. Instead, her mouth gaped open and her eyes were wide with unquestionable beauty. I smiled.

As we drove to the hospital I could not help but notice her beautiful gaping mouth and preciously wide eyed expression at my knee. I was waiting the entire ride for her to ask if I were alright but she just sat there as is.. I think she was falling in love. They wheeled me into emergency and she stayed at my side whilst I sang to her and made promises I intended to keep.

Night drew and a knock on my hospital door awoke me from this dazzling drug that had me slightly disorientated. “whook dere?” I said charmingly. “Why were you in my apartment?” “Becuj I lav yew”. She said a very confusing thing afterward, “You don’t even know me”. A tear began to drop down my eye. I turned over and stared out the window wishing it would snow or even rain to sympathize the mood.. stupid stars and moon twinkling without care to my emotions. I felt the bed move and her voice tainted my sorrow, “Look idiot. If you want to express yourself to somebody you don’t break into their house.. cook them a delicious breakfast.. clean up their mess.. get hit by a car just so they can get a ride and you especially don’t tell them you love them!”

I turned slowly.. next to the sounds of the medical ventilation system and my breathing support apparatus we stared into one an others eyes soundly. “Then whuk shood I av done?”. She drew back surprised, “You..you should have said hi..sent an email..left a gift on the doorstep I don’t know you moron!”

It grew quiet as I lay there watching her cross armed and sitting at my bed.. I fell asleep. When I had awoken she was still there..not quite on the bed but sleeping in a chair next to the window with a jacket in her arm. I managed to pull myself up and say, “Good morning”. She awoke slowly..looking at me with caution and careful eyes. “Hi” I said. “My names Inked Pen”. She let out a slight chuckle as she lowered her head and shook it. “Hi, Inked Pen. Nice to meet you, my name is Feather”.