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..and then he said “Stereotypes are just stereotypes. Only God can judge me”. I pondered for a moment but not on what he said. I pondered whether this psycho-talking-out-of the-neck man could truly be as simple minded as he proposes.. have at you then! “My dear dear man of open-minded ignorance sake” I began, “however do you suggest that your choices reflect God’s imperialistic judgment within your favor?” He looked at me awkwardly.. his fro bouncing from left to right as he observed my anatomy with an occasional “yo man” to support his curious pleasure. “Yo man, what gives? You look like a brotha but you don’t talk like one”. “Yes yes.. power to the people and all sorts of other racially charged chants..and free candy and what not” I said. How could I possibly take that “we are a people” talk seriously from an individual despondent of his own origins and factually representing the ignorance plaguing our kind. “Look man” he so bravely started again, “God is the only man who can judge me. I ain’t no damn stereotype. I do what I does to do what I do for what I does when doing the do”. I think I reminisced that wrong…. whoop-te-doo, “and you ain’t no different from me. We all make mistakes and the MAN ain’t gonna help us no matter how you wanna talk”. I think this is where he sought to accuse me of being a “sucka”.

I let out a sigh and walked towards this lost creature with caring eyes and welcoming compassion. As I neared close enough to the individual whom I pitied.. I punched him dead on in the pupil and received an awarding scream of sincere pain. “Now look you imbecile! The world is laughing at your philosophy regarding the I gotta rob to eat so I can make it day by day quorum. Dare you call me a sellout for neither seeking or attending to the nonsense is fine by me but I shall not have you delay the truth in what you falsely believe” I saw that he was indeed severely injured.. I sympathized and kicked him in the leg. “If you think that saying only God can judge me can deter the direction of God’s honest judgment you’re more of a fool than you begotten!” The man began to listen, “You crazy man.. keep your hands off me!”. I casually kicked him again and as he fell I crouched over, “You see my fine fellow. If you truly were keen to God’s judgment you wouldn’t dare suggest that your manipulative thought process could persuade the reality of your sins as good deeds. Yes yes booty shaking women, alcoholic beverages, selling drugs and shooting guns are all fundamentally required in being an idiot but sadly they are not what will grant you entrance into his kingdom. It’s high time that you picked up a book and read without paradoxical interests set on supporting your self-taught mannerisms- but read your bible on a more proficient level. Some would call it learning.”

He looked at me with tears in his eyes, like a child who lost his puppies. Slow music began in my mind like the ones of those in romance music with elongated belts of “I loooooooooooooove yooooou”. I punched him for making me think such a thought…bastard. After he recovered he said, “Yo man..why do you act like you don’t sin? Doesn’t it say we all do sin?”. Ah, finally..an inquiry with intelligible reasoning. “Yes yes it does say that my dear fellow. Perhaps it is easier for me to express a loyalty that I have. You see, as it may occur that since we all sin and if my sins do bring me to rejection I am willing to say that I shall carry him in my heart though he no longer carries me. Are you willing to say the same if the time came? Or is it that you are already living in preparation for such an occurrence?”. He thought, he wondered and then asked what could he do to change the cycle of his actions.. I retorted, “anything but selling yourself out to the whims of failure”.