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Well if I were expecting company I’d have cleaned the carpet, set the table and replaced the shoddy dishes with the expensive flashy kind…maybe. What brings you to my company anyway? I know it can’t be my writing.. you have yet to see it.. or have you? (I’m so confused) Or are you? Or were you….never mind. I can’t remember silly details like that anyway when it comes to involving parenthetical disputes. Yes, yes I’ve peaked your interests… You’ve yet to steal a slice of my delicious pie and tell me good day thus far. I think it’ll work out you and I.. this..” relationship” we’re building. God.. I feel like I’ve known you my entire life. Me writing.. you reading …and then vice versa and versa vice versa…how do they say it.. epic? We have so much inter-relativity in common you and I.. Lets not put it to waste with such time consuming nonsensically intriguing dichotomy.