It was a long day for him.
I was arrested in the afternoon.
Now he sits in a hospital waiting room.
Handcuffed between two officers.
And tormented by voices and images beyond anyones comprehension.
They simply called him crazy.
My head dodged and ducked.
Fists from the demon world trying to harm him.
An officer simply “hmph’s” the deed.
The nurse comes in.
“His room is ready, the cuffs wont be necessary.”
“I haven’t eaten in 14 days” I tell myself.
“I haven’t slept in 3 days” I tell myself.
“What do these voices want?” I ask myself.
I’m guided to my room.
It’s night time.
Curfew is in 1 hour.
He walks the halls.
Demons plague the walls, staring, judging, mocking.
He does his best to ignore.
Time for bed.
I walked non-stop for the hr.
I lay in bed.
It’s not that I refuse to sleep.
I simply can’t.
The nurse provides a sleeping pill.
I knock out.
I’m sleeping.
Suddenly awoken by a heavy weight at the end of the bed.
A lion.
With horns on its head.
Simply sitting there.
I’m scared and shift upright.
The lion mimicks the noise of the shifting.
I gasp.
The lion mimicks the noise of the gasp.
“What do you want from me!?” I yell.
A nurse simply walks by.
“What do you want from me!?” the lion mimicks in perfect pitch.
“Who are you?” I ask.
“Who are you?” it mocks.
I don’t know what to feel.
Anger? Fear? Both?
I’m confused and coming to understand.
This is no ordinary vision.
I calm down.
I Stare the lion with horns in the eyes and ask..
“What do you want from me?”
“I want to see you dead” it replies
“You have something special.. or so God says, I want it. You will be mine.” it continues.
“why do you mock me?” I ask.
It laughs.
And laughs.
I look to the outside ward.
No one hears this laughter?
It stops laughing.
“So every demon will know your sound, your voice, your shift, your sweat and blood. They will know your confidence, your fear, your anger and sorrow. And once they’ve known this no matter where you are on earth, in heaven or hell.. they will find you and tear you apart” it says.
My heart beats faster.
The lion mimicks.
“But how?” I wonder to myself.
“But how” it mimicks.
It can hear my thoughts too?
I throw the blankets over my head.
I sit there, shaking.. sweating.. fear has overcome me.
The lion laughs.
The nurses begin to question for a moment, then leave me alone.
“Now I have you” it says.
In my mind.
I am circled.
By bodies hanging on a noose.
Knives are in their hands.
The Lion says, “If you want to be free.. all you have to do is cut him”
The bodies are fighting for air.
They can no longer take it.
“I will inch you closer if necessary” it says.
The bodies in their nooses inch closer.
Swinging sporadically.
Attempting to cut, no.. attempting to kill.
They want free!
Then I realize whats going on.
They can’t see me.
But somehow under these sheets I can see them.
It’s my family.
The blades are inches away from my flesh under the sheets.
They stop swinging.
“We’ll play a game” it says.
“Now that you know the people behind the knives.. for every breath you take, they will inch closer. These are deadly blades.. one cut and you die. But do remember.. this is your family.. the longer you hold your breath.. the quicker they die.”
Out of fear I hold my breath..I hold it because I don’t want to die.
Then memories.
Growing up.
Arguments and making up.
Being there for each other.
Tears begin to stream.
I become angry.
I throw off the covers.
Trying to submit a certain point of bravery.
Nothing is there.
Just the lion.
And it’s leaving.
“By the way..” it says.
“I’m satan” it says.
“Not bad for an introduction?” it says.
it leaves.
And I feel as though I just died.