“I have a friend.”  Wait, to even begin a sentence with those words resonates the degree of change that has happened within my life. But yes, I have a friend. I met him through one of the most unpredictable  circumstances where it would seem that his popularity among others would have no room for a peasant such as myself and yet he welcomed me without hesitation to his comforting words and expressions of sincerity. He didn’t have to do this but he did, and from there what began as a kindle to a friendship from the beginnings of a hero in my eyes he turned out to be much more. 

I wish the best for my friend and he has wished the best for me as well. I take his kind words into deep considerations because I know they come from a place of wisdom, patience, strength and experience. 

I mention this friend because he’s here, right on wordpress awaiting the opportunity to be seen and heard through his talents and creativity. He’s here and I want him to be known. I want his work to be seen. Why do I want these things? Because he’s my friend who deserves a chance in this world and his writing simply deserves to be seen and felt. 

Check him out: brilliant bad ideas