Pain, regret and tribulations.
Guilt, Failure and denied situations.
Carrying burden while trudging forward.
The experiences a loser feels has many at a loss for a word.

I try, I beg, I seek.
They lie, They decieve and repeat.
Where do I put my footing, to stand strong?
Where is that voice to give my life its song?

So many trials, So many dead ends.
Few rewards, Few achievements with few friends.
I’ve opened my heart to opportunies, determined to strive.
But where in the giving of my emotions is the return in feeling alive?

I can’t, I won’t, I will never…
Quit, Give up or even surrender.
He’s called me for something, has given me gifts.
And though I stammer in faith at times, my beliefs have yet turned to myth.

Give me time, Give me patience, Give me love and respect.
I’ll reciprocate, I’ll give it back, I’ll go the extra stretch.
Sometimes I wonder where I’m meant to be and who I should be at that time.
A man filled with happiness or an individual whom can only assert sorrow in rhyme?