I know what I want to do, how I want to do it and where I would like to start. I have the creativity flowing, the ideas and scripts ready to be given to the world in cinematic appreciation. The only thing in the way is where to start? I need an animation producer with knowledge of the industry. Who can help me budget and keep our crew together as a unit. But with only yahoo and google as my main resources for referrals how do I find one? I need to find a producer so that when I write this business plan I can add their salary to it. I need someone I can trust and bounce ideas off of without worrying about them leaving for a bigger company with better benefits. In time, the benefits to my company will come but we’d just have to keep in mind that we;re a start up company and that may take 1 -2 years. Is there anyone willing to work with a diverse and adaptable individual who has basically been through all aspects of animation and game design? Where do I find you and how do I get a hold of you. This is my dream and before it’s even begun it’s starting to dwindle away. Maybe I bit more than I can chew, yet I’m stubborn I’ll keep chewing until it’s ready to be swallowed. I refuse to give up. I just need to find you to make this work. I have so many ideas and great stories that I’d like to put out. Only time will tell, for now it’s tough.