God, I hate being alone.
God: why do you hate being alone?
Everyday I wake up to nothing, to no one.
God: But why do you hate being alone?
Because I hate having nothing to do, and no one to appreciate me for me.
God: But why do you hate being alone?
I guess because, everyday that I don’t have anything to show for success, or someone to show love to.. I’m left with me.
God: and what’s wrong with you?
I wake up to failure and mistakes. I sit through the day with guilt and suicidal thoughts. I go to sleep with no one to hold, just me..
God: So you aren’t happy with who you are?
..no.. I’m not.
God: So you hate being alone because all you have is you?
Yes, Lord. That’s why..
God: But if you aren’t happy with who you are, won’t you still be alone when you find something or someone to care about?
I see your point God..
God: Do you still hate being alone?
God: Why?
Because I want to be happy..
God: What is happiness to you?
Anything but this.
God: But if anything can make you happy, how will you know true happiness?
If I have you to tell me the difference, I think I’ll be OK.
God: So if you have me to tell you what true happiness is, you will be happy?
Yes Lord.
God: And if you are happy, then you won’t feel alone?
Yes Lord
God: But if I said you have me, will that make you happy?
Yes Lord, it will
God: But if you’re happy.. why do you still think you’re alone?
Because I have no one to share that happiness with.
God: But haven’t you shared in happiness with others?
Yes Lord, in my past. When I thought What I was doing made me happy.. When I thought who I was would make happiness last.
God: What was missing?
I didn’t have you in that happiness.
God: But you have me now. Be happy and don’t worry. I know what truly is in your heart and what you truly desire. It will be yours.. soon. Believe and know, I love you.