Society has advanced so much in technology and communication that answers are much more easier to gather in our daily lives. It’s because of such, that we become impatient with God and turn to horoscopes, palm readings, tarot cards and psychic evaluations. Suppose that patience was a test to our loyalty. A test that begs the question, “Will you wait for God?” So much things that we turn to in the wake of desperation are the same things that God has said not to. The reason is simple, they are either based upon the knowledge of an individual or cater to the worship of foreign spirits. Not every answer is as accurate as God’s. And though comforting, not every answer will be of God’s will. We have to accept that certain goals take their own time to manifest and that some goals just aren’t what God intended for us. Patience is the key to our loyalty, and it is patience that will help us to achieve our destiny in God’s will.