Ever wanted to make your desktop a little more interesting? Try VLC, it can turn your videos and video playlists into a desktop!

1. Download VLC http: //www.videolan.org/vlc/
2. Update if the prompt requires it
3. Go into the Tools Tab and select Preference
4. On the Left side of the Panel you will have Icons, select Video.
5. In Video Settings Enable video
6. in Display make sure the following checkboxes are checked: Fullscreen, Skip frames, Accelerated video output (Overlay), Window decorations, Use hardware YUV -> RGB conversions.
7. In Output select DirectX video output
8. Check the Enable wallpaper mode checkbox
9. Click save and restart VLC
10. Play a Video (any video, any format).


1. If your video does not show afterward, go into the Video tab and make sure to select DirectX wallpaper.

2. To undo your video wallpaper uncheck DirectX wallpaper in your Video tab.

3. To Loop your video wallpaper, there are tabs at the bottom of your VLC player – right side of fast forward. Click the button in the middle and it should bring up Playlist. Inside your playlist, select your video and choose loop.

4. You have to make sure you have DirectX downloaded and installed on your pc.

5. Exit from the tools and preference tab. On the main tab of the player, (MEdia, Playback, Audio, Video, Subtitle, Tools, View, Help) select Video. After you’ve selected the video tab click on “Set as wallpaper.

And yes, this is 100% free!