Is like children
Who stare at a pair of shoes
Desiring the independence to tie their knots
Struggling with laces..
And throwing fits of complicated desires.
Making knots, and double knots.
In failed attempts…what looks to be so easily done by the other?
Proclaiming not to ever try again.
Throwing a shoe in anger.
Which catches the other like a thrown stone.

Is distancing oneself for the sake in both of their honor.
…And necessity to be who God wants them to be.

Is the untying and tying of their laces
Only until the shedding of pride is become part of the revelation.

And the child who made complicated what shouldn’t have been..
Is able to trust in the counsel of the other whom has tied their shoes?
Not to become of anger or misunderstanding to their help.
Towards their love and protection, considerate of your needs.

As such is Wisdom in the love of God.