Dear God, I seek strength in my days as a single individual. Strength from you that in my days I will not base my judgments in a relationship upon fleshly desires. That in my waiting I continue to be content for the promises of spiritual, emotional and sensible connection. Father God, help me to stay free of all sexual impurities of this world and fill me with the belief that waiting is the right answer. God, I repent of past sexual immoralities that may have caused sin to enter into my life, creating spiritual bondage with persons not of your will. I pray for the release of these bonds and the renewing of my life’s chapter. God, forgive the mistakes I’ve made in my wrong judgment and activities which led me to believe that you were happy with what I was doing. I realize that in all my efforts to please you, my past partners and myself, that I was wrong. Father God, accept me into your mercy and bless me with a mind and heart that doesn’t seek to fulfill worldly expectations. That I find a partner who aligns themselves within your word of abstinence and celibacy. Dear God, the flesh is weak and I pray that you will not allow me to cater to the availability of sinful pleasures. Dear God, I pray for a partner who will not base a relationship on the fulfillment of sexual impurities, but one who truly seeks to please our God and Lord in heaven. Dear God, I also want to take the opportunity to forgive those whom I have met in bondage and that they too seek repentance of their sin. Dear God, I do not regret the people you have placed in my life’s past, I only regret that I fell short of your commands. Give me strength to remain pure and grateful of your mercies. I pray for a partner that will draw me away from the worlds behavior, and in their behavior concerning sexual immorality, will bring me closer to you. Bless me with patience and a mind and heart that is focused on the substance of a true Godly relationship. Allow me to be strong in these times of influences and popular reasoning of the world. Set me apart so that I may be confident and pure when matched with someone of your Godly qualities. In your son Jesus Christ’s beautiful name I pray, Amen.