Dear God, I am angry for the way I’ve been treated. I’m angry at the failure of success in my life in the areas of finance, relationships and status. This anger has led me to believe that I am not only right in my ways, but justified in the way I treat new opportunities. I do not want to hold on to this anger anymore, an anger that misunderstands new friendships and ruins chances of growth. Removethis anger from my life and allow me to truly be settled in peace with a clear mind and healthy heart. Dear Lord, there may be one or two individuals who have treated me so very wrong in the past and quite possibly one that is very specific to the way I feel in this day, but I’m declaring no more! No more do I want my life, feelings and attitudes to revolve around them. No more do I want to neglect your truth, your grace and healing in my life! Break these chains of anger dear Lord and give rest to a broken and weary heart and soul. God, you know what I’ve been through and why that anger came about. So I pray sincerely for your forgiveness. I repent of the negative emotions that I’ve fostered, of the negative thinking and negative attitudes. I repent because I know peace and love are one of the few things you desire in my life and on this day I accept those things. Give me strength to truly commit to the shedding of my past and bless me with your grace to truly forgive those whom placed such an anger in my life. I no longer choose to do Satan’s work, nor trap my soul in Satan’s net. You have cut me free from whence I was drowning and have given me a land to rest from the shores of tribulation. That land is the foundation of Christ, and from it I will look onto the ocean of despair without feelings of guilt or fear of relapse, but with honor and steadfastness awaiting for the next survivor you call to join me in this freedom. I declare that I am free of anger on this day, in your son Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen.