To The Athiest

Why prolong the vanity of our self hatred? Why esteem one another in the cruelty of failures designs? Why do we, as black people agree to cherish separation between one another by comparing ones gain to anothers loss?

Unity is a distant revelation which can only occur when particular minds are synchronized. Unity is only attained when the agreement upon beauty is fashioned by inward qualities and values.

By having a lot to say but little of value, our choice in music is what segregates us from one to the other. Music that despises the good and honors the bad. Music that rewards wickedness and shames purity. We delight ourselves to such musical choices and wonder why crime prevails.

In having much to do but little variance of acheivment, we enjoy movies that undermine the aspect of intelligence with the depictions of stereotypes. Making heroic applause for the ignorant and self-seeking, whilst white-washing and oreo- cookie bashing the individuals whom separate themselves from such arrogance.

We are no longer slaves, yet we treat one another as such. One who works in the house believes himself to be honored and of higher priority to the one whom works in the field. We base our judgments on superficialities, on momentary finances and technological advancements which surely do deprive us of our necessities.

We are no longer slaves who answer to the N-Word. Yet in such a world we think ourselves wise between one another to rephrase the term and figure it the opposite of slander; but as endearment. One who gains the capacity of higher edification realizes sooner than later that such words are only manifest towards the propitiation of the system.

As black men and women, we shouldn’t define our worth by vulgarity and defamation of quality standard. We shouldn’t define our values by the simplicity of stereotypical behavior. The world will tell us that there is nothing more that we can become of ourselves in a society dominated by the workmanship of other races.

We have a distinct responsibility to our children. To hone their upbringing with compassion and wisdom. Love and intellectuality are fundementally the greatest gifts we can ever help to achieve in there lives. But if we continue to poison their potential within the conditioning of vulgar music and movies, then what hope for their opportunities will arise? Don’t give up on them, don’t listen to the naysayers who tell you that we are limited to what we can only see and touch. The world is vast but can also be visited through the experience of books, novels and proper literature.

We are no longer slaves… look to a mirror and decide for yourself. You are not less of a man nor woman whom decides that self-appreciation can be developed with time well spent learning new things and exploring different avenues of success. The world will say you don’t deserve it, but what do you say to the world?

If we set out to change the world, we might be met with failure. If we set out to change ourselves and those around us we might be met with gratitude. Perspective is also key and very much useful in our dire times.

The choice of course, is yours. Are you afraid you will no longer fit in? Are you afraid that you may lose the respect of others whom you equally respect? Well.. if your respect is defined as being a stereotype and commiting to vulgarity in music, movies and fashion.. then the word respect must be sought after once more.

Respect is the notion that one has towards the acceptance of truth. What is your truth? Is being a modern day slave truthful? Is participating in things distant of God more acceptable to you? Then what of your soul?

Many will say that they love God and the promise of heaven. But not many are willing to prove their love and earn that right. So if they haven’t proven their love nor earned the right of passage, what then is the reality of their hopes?

We are not slaves.