When you ask me to prove God, do you have the right intentions to consider the proof developed by my own experiences? Or will you deprive yourself of the opportunity to consider God’s grace under the scrutiny of ones failure to materialistically bring God to you?

When you ask me to show you a sign of God and I say a tree never comes before the seed, are you then confused? Before there is a tree, a seed must be planted. It must then be watered and given light. We are much like seeds, we must first be planted in the belief of God and necessitate our growth on His word and guiding light. The tree is the end result of a nurtured seed, and given the time and experience of its growth can it then only be a witness to the proof of God.

When you ask me why believe in God and not the tooth fairy, I have to hold on to my patience. I get your point of view, it’s a view that demonstrates God just as believable as a ficticious character. When we are born into this world, we are given parents. As those parents help us to walk, speak and love and learn we do not call anyone else our parent. We gain from experience and from acknowledgment who our parents truly are. The same is for a born again.. Once we are taught how to walk in the spirit, to speak biblically, to love spiritually and to learn after our gains and mistakes we honor the one true God who was there to make it happen.

When you ask me of these things I know it’s from an impure perspective. I know it’s not a sincere wonder but an occasion to fullfill your need of doubt. Though I am happy for the opportunity to win a soul, I know that it can only be won if the individual is willing to accept Christ into their life.

When you ask me, what is the relevance of the cross; if Jesus died on something else wouldn’t that be the symbol of all believers? It’s not so shameful to honor the cross as a believer as you may try to insinuate. The cross shows a relevance of responsibility, dedication and love. Had Jesus demonstrated that love by dying in another manner then the representation of His honor would more than likely not be a thing of despair. Think of it as such.. you study hard for an exam and the reward you get is “A” on a sheet of paper. But what if that “A” were something else? Would it then seem so awkward of a thing to delight in? The cross is a reward to the believer. We, through trials and tribulations, accept the sacrifices made and achieved by our Lord and savior and pay respectful homage to Him.

Athiest, you’ve chosen not to believe due to personal experiences. One chooses to believe due to personal experiences. Experiences should not be compared in ignorance, nor should one despite the other be considered vain. If when you are ready to truly seek the answer to “Does God exist”, then having that question alone should be proof enough.