Don’t be caught up in giving God worldly love. That “worldly love” where we dismiss our own evil motivations and sinful habits by discrepancy built by lack of scriptural knowledge and pseudo praise. Where the worldly love treats God as an icon, an idol and a complexity of “make up our own rules as we go along” which falsifies His wrath for acceptance of sin. Worldy love is built upon circumstance and occasion; as the priorities developed are met with reward we praise and if they are not met with reward then we are allowed to search for other informalities despondent of our heavenly beliefs. Instead of following a world that bases love on what is materialistically received we should follow in faith for the grace we’ve received from our merciful God. Spiritual love is the opposing factor that defies the worlds comprehension of loyalty and dedication. Spiritual love is what will bond a family, spiritual love is what will sustain a marriage and it is spiritual love that of which will keep us dedicated to God. As said in Romans it’s time for us to truly “Behave like a Christian”.