How can we differentiate Christian music from secular music? If it dresses like a pharisee, talks like a pharisee and acts like a pharisee a few quotes from scripture and a “God bless you” won’t influence me to believe it is not a pharisee. Christian music is to influence change from the world, a transformation. Yet there is some music out there that deliberates such change with ongoing conformity. If a caterpillar comes out of a cocoon a butterfly we call that a transformation. But if a caterpillar comes out a cocoon a renewed caterpillar then what do we call it then? Some Christians are stuck within a perplexity of paradoxical influences that question the way they can fit in without actually fitting in.. But with reasoning of God and His brilliant wisdom we should understand that true transformation doesn’t adhere to such conundrums. True transformation in us and in our musical choices should be without a stagnation of worry as to how we can fit into a world we are trying to be separate of. So as you go and listen to your musical choices, allow God to purpose your intentions towards being different and unique from a world of sin and it’s many influences. God Bless.