int. The Birthing: Intro – night

Doctors and nurses are walking in a busy hallway of the hospital.

A little girl is walking out the hospital holding her fathers hand. She has a cough.

The little girl turns to look back at the pregnant woman (Mrs.Paschar) screaming before she and her father leave.

The camera stops in the hospital hallway to Mrs.Paschar on a stretcher and she’s in a lot of pain.

A doctor is seen walking away from the stretcher.

Her husband (Mr.Paschar) is arguing with why the doctor has left and why they aren’t in a delivery room yet with 3 nurses.

The 3 nurses have on surgical masks.

Nurse 1 is by Mrs. Paschars stomach.

Nurse 2 is telling Mr. Paschar to calm down.

Nurse 3 is writing on a clip board at the feet of Mrs. Paschars stretcher.

Nurse 1 places her hand gently on Mrs. Paschars stomach before closing her eyes.

Nurse 1 opens her eyes and removes her hand in shock.

Nurse 1


This is the one.

Nurse 2 and 3 turn their attention to Nurse 1.

Mr. Paschar looks confused.

Nurse 2

Are you sure?

Nurse 2 moves herself over to touch Mrs. Paschars stomach and closes her eyes gently.

Mr. and Mrs. Paschar look confused at one another and look back at Nurse 2.

Mrs. Paschar

(out of breath)


Nurse 2 removes her hand stunned and nods in agreement.

Mr. Paschar


Just what the hell is going on!? Where’s our doctor?

turns to the hospital shouting louder


Can somebody please get us a doctor!

Nurse 1

Mr. Paschar.

Mr. Paschar turns his attention to Nurse 1.


(calm and loving voice)

Everything will be fine.

Nurse 1s eyes flash yellow.

Mr. Paschar returns to his wifes side silently.

Nurse 1

I will go send for them. You two bring her up to the pregnancy ward and take good care of them.

Nurse 1 takes leave down a hall.

Nurse 2 and 3 proceed to take Mr. and Mrs. Paschar to an elevator in another hall.

A clip board reads pregnancy ward floor 5 among a list of other wards.

A doctor (Dr.Verdel)curiously watches from his clip board in the distance.

As the elevator arrives a little boy is with his father and the nurses stare at him as he stares back. The little boy looks over his shoulder before exiting the scene.

The Nurses bring the Paschars inside of the elevator and the curious doctor excuses himself from other colleagues to hurry down the hall.

When in the elevator Nurse 3 hits a button for the top floor.

As the elevators door close Dr.Verdel has caught up and presses the button for a second elevator. (just his hand is in the camera shot)

Mr. Paschars trance has worn off because it is limited by  range of the trance giver.



Why are we going to the top floor? Isn’t it the 5th floor for pregnancies? (begins shouting) Hey! I’m talking to you –


(In a calm and loving voice)

Everything will be fine Mr. Paschar.

Nurse 2’s eyes Flash yellow at the end of her words.

Mr. Paschar quiets down once more and returns to his wifes side silently.

Mrs. Paschar starts freaking out.



Where are you taking me? And what have you done to my husband? Help! Help! Somebody help us!

Mrs. Paschar quiets down as Nurse 2 begins to speak.


(a calm and loving voice)

Mrs. Paschar..Everything will be-


(unearthly voice)

Noooo! Baaaad for baaaaaaby.


(unearthly voice)

Baaaad for baaaaaby? Noooo harm to baaaaby..

Nurse 2 and 3 stop speaking English and start talking in a completely different and unearthly language involving long and short zipping sounds as well as deep and soft clicks in between their own words.

Mrs. Paschar is entirely frightened and Mr. Paschar is still under their trance.


HONEY! DO SOMETHING! Oh my God! what have they done to you!? (looks at the nurses) What are you? (sobbing) Please….(calms down) please just don’t hurt my baby.

Nurse 2 and 3 stop talking and look over to Mrs. Paschar.

When The doors open to the top floor the lights are off and the floor is vacant.

Nurse 1 is standing in the doorway.



How did you..


Mrs. Paschar.. you are in safe hands and we won’t allow anything to happen to you or your family.

Nurse 1 turns to address Nurse 2 and 3.


We must hurry.


The nurses rush Mrs.Paschar into a lit room and begin to deliver the baby.

Mr.Paschar has taken a seat beside Mrs. Paschar in his trance.

Nurse 1 is delivering the baby.

Nurse 2 is assisting with the delivery.

Nurse 3 is saying comforting words while sponging Mrs.Paschars forehead and neck.

Dr.Verdel is seen walking by the room from one end of the hall to the other.

Dr.Verdel’s eyes are angry.

Nurse 1 signals Nurse 2 to go deal with him.

Nurse 2 leaves the tray of medical instruments beside Nurse 1.

Nurse 2 leaves the room by slipping off her gloves casually and then calls for the doctor off camera.

The camera is focused on Mrs. Paschar giving birth and trying to listen in on the conversation outside between Nurse 2 and the Doctor.


Hello doctor..what a surprise.


Yeah..I’ll say. Do you mind telling me what’s going on up here?

Mrs. Paschar is about to yell for help..


(quick whisper)


Mrs. Paschar looks at Nurse 1

Camera focuses on Nurse 1.

Nurse 1 shakes her head no with a sad gesture.

Camera goes back to Mrs. Paschar.

Mrs. Paschar swallows and nods her head to remain quiet.

Nurse 1 lets out a sigh of relief and gets back to helping with the birth.

The camera goes back to Mrs. Paschar giving birth and trying to listen in on Nurse 2 and Dr.Verdel.


Dr. Verdel… Are you lost?


How did you know my name?


Your name tag Doctor.



Oh yes that’s right, that’s right. (clears his throat) So then would you mind telling me what’s going on here and why I shouldn’t inform the police?


(calm loving voice)

Are you lost Dr. Verdel?

Silence. Then footsteps.

Mrs.Paschar recognized that tone.

Footsteps stop.

There is a slam all of a sudden and a coughing sound as someone were being choked.

Mrs. Paschar has just finished out a big push and is mouthing the words “what” in heavy breaths.

Nurse 1 simply shuts her own eyes and smiles.

Nurse 2 is heard screaming in pain.


(deep frog toned and thrilling voice)

Your trances don’t work on me underling!

Another slam is heard much heavier this time around.


When the child is born you shall hand him over.

Nurse 3 looks worried at Nurse 1 who is still focused on the birth.


Don’t worry Mrs. Paschar. He was foolish not to inform the others of your child birth. We will take care of this and your family will be safe. We will keep you safe.

Nurse 1 signals Nurse 3 to help with Dr. Verdel.

Nurse 3 stops sponging Mrs. Paschars forehead and walks towards the door.

Nurse 3 is seen leaving the room just as casually as Nurse 2 left.


(calm and loving voice)

Dr. Verdel. You seem lost? Are you lost?

Footsteps are heard in the hall and then stop.

A quick snap can be heard before the sound of a body dropping.

Nurse 1 stops for a brief moment to listen in on the silence. She slowly reaches for the scalpel next to her.

Nurse 2 and 3 begin to argue in their language as they reenter the delivery room.

Nurse 2 has her hand caressing her neck.

Nurse 1 rolls her eyes and gets back to the birthing.


(human voice)

I just can’t believe you’d be so careless..


(rubbing her neck/ human voice)

Give me a break..

Nurse 1

Let us remain calm. We need not worry of them for now.

Nurse 2 and 3 stay behind Nurse 1 as the birth is almost complete.


Ok Mrs. Paschar. This last push should do it.

Mrs. Paschar pushes and the baby (Shaun) is finally born.

Nurse 1 is holding the baby.

As the baby begins to cry – glass begins to tremble and break in the delivery room.

The babies eyes are a bright blue.

The nurses look at each other then back at the baby.


(unearthly voice)



(unearthly voice)

Nooot reeeady..suuupreess

Nurse 1 places a single finger on Shauns forehead. She closes her eyes.

Shaun is still crying but no more glass is trembling or breaking and the baby’s eyes turn to a normal brown.

The nurses clean Shaun and do a regular check up.



(exhausted) baby. Please..whatev…whoever you are..please don’t hurt my baby.

Nurse 1 stops and stares at Mrs. Paschar.



You too are strong.

As Nurse 1 and Mrs. Paschar do not take eyes off of one another.


You can relax now Mrs. Paschar. Your family is safe.

Mrs. Paschar becomes relaxed and lays back down continuing to watch Nurse 1 with Shaun.

Nurse 1 hands over Shaun to Mrs. Paschar.

Nurse 2 and 3 look at Mr. Paschar who is sitting still under trance, staring at the bed.

Nurse 1 looks to Mr. Paschar.

Nurse 1

Wake up Mr. Paschar (releasing him from the trance)

Mr. Paschar shakes off the trance.


What..what did you do to me? What the hell is going on?


Congratulations mom and dad it’s a boy..

Mrs. Paschar is holding Shaun and Mr. Paschar is at a loss for words.

The nurses begin to leave the room.


Thank you…

Nurse 1 stops alone at the door and turns around.


..for everything. For protecting my baby.

nurse 1

He will be forbidden to smoke, drink and date. He must do no harm unto others and always seek to do the right thing. His suffering will become strength and true tragedy will show the past as tests.

Nurse 1 points to the ceiling.


He will make sure His child knows His love..

Nurse 1 then places her hand over her heart.


…and She will make sure their love stay true like no other.

As Nurse 1 remains standing at the door 3 other individuals covered in rags and hoods enter into the room.

One of the three is much taller while the other two are much shorter (like children).

The tallest one reaches out to them and places her hand on Mr. and Mrs. Paschars foreheads.

Mr. and Mrs. Paschar close their eyes. After awhile they remove their hands from Mr. and Mrs. Paschars foreheads to step back.


(shocked/ in wonder)

(softly)Oh my God…Oh my’s’s all real..and you..


Mr. Paschar looks at his wife.

mrs. paschar

we..we understand. (fighting back tears)

One of the smaller ones in rags walks over and places a bible on the bed.

Mrs. Paschar looks surprised at the smallest one.


It’s you..

Mrs. Paschar lets out a breath and tears fall.

Mrs. Paschar looks at Shaun and begins to smile.


Yes.. we understand.

Mrs. Paschar rests her head on her husband who then wraps his arms around her.

The camera focuses on Shaun who begins to cry again.

Camera goes black.

Flash back ext. treaty news: story begins – Front of the house – day

(Shaun is 5)

Shaun is learning to ride a bike.

Shaun is riding down the driveway as Mr. Paschar cheers him on.

Mr. Paschar has on a pair of shades lifted to the top of his head.

Mrs. Paschar is watching from the door with her arms crossed while also talking to the neighbor (female).

The neighbor

I’ll see you later OK?


Alright! You take care now!

The neighbor waves bye.


Come on son! Keep it steady.. almost there!

Shaun makes it to the end of the driveway.


Yeah-ha! (claps his hands once)

Shaun’s father raises both fists and shakes them in the air as he runs down to Shaun.


Way to go Shaun!

Mrs. Paschar shouts from the door.

Mr. Paschar is kneeling with his son and asking him if he was scared.

Shaun is shaking his head no with a smile.

Mr. Paschar raises his hand for a high five. Shaun gives him a high five.

The mailman gives a smile to Shaun.

The Mailman

Hey-eh, Jim! You still puttin’ out those fires?


You know it! No such thing as retiring for a guy like me (laughs)

He hands Mrs. Paschar an envelope and bids her good day.

Mr. Paschar has his arm around Shaun and pulls down his shades before watching the mailman leave.

Mr. Paschar then stands to watch Mrs. Paschar.

Mrs. Paschar places her hand over her mouth and looks over at Mr. Paschar.

Mr. Paschar pulls off his shades.

Mrs. Paschar lets her fingers drop to her chin as she lets out a sobbing nod.


Daddy I want to ride again!

Mr. Paschar stares at his wife for a few more moments before turning to his son.


Alright! Lets gooooo!

Mr. Paschar goes behind the bike and races his son up the driveway making car noises.

Shaun is laughing.

INT. bible study: HOME – Later

Shaun and Mrs. Paschar are seen reading the bible together later that night around the table.

Shaun is sitting on Mrs. Paschars lap.

Mrs. Paschar is telling the story of Jesus Christ when he was a little boy.


But momma why didn’t Mary let Jesus talk in da’ temple?

Mrs. Paschar closes the bible.


Well brave and smart as He was his momma probably felt worried about him.


Was he in trouble?


Oh no, no, no honey. Some people who loved God were also really mean. And because his momma loved him so much she did her best-est to protect her little guy from harm.


Were they really mean to Jesus momma?


Well honey.. lets say you and I find out together.

Shaun nods his head yes and places his chin in both of his hands as he turns back to the bible.

Mrs. Paschar opens it back up.

int. visionary art: classroom – Later

(Shaun is 13)

Shaun now goes to a Catholic elementary school.


Shaun is in class and his teacher is talking about prophets.

The camera passes over students in the room and a boy (Kevin) reading a science magazine behind his bible.

Shaun has his head down and is doodling on a piece of paper.


(in the middle of a lesson)

..and those prophets were sometimes ordinary people ladies and gentlemen. Ordinary young men and young women who God would choose to do extraordinary tasks.


Do prophets still exist?


It’s really hard to say Samantha. But as faith would have it – I do believe that God chooses some of us today. Take Prophetess Zooshada for example. She is 77 years old, from our very city and is known by the world for following God’s plan. You just have to be careful not to put your faith in people..but to keep your faith with God.

Bell rings for lunch.


Lunch time everyone!

Students are packing up their books.

Shaun is now putting away his doodles.

Some kid makes a joke about Shaun on the way out to a group of friends. They laugh as they exit.

Mrs. Pendagras notices the situation and walks towards Shaun.

Mrs. Pendagras stops Shaun from putting away his last doodle and picks it up from the desk.


You know the book of Luke Christ tells us “no prophet is accepted in his hometown”. If we recall our studies..Luke was an artist and also an apostle of Christ.


(looking confused)

So you think I’m a prophet?


(lightly laughs)

I think..

Mrs. Pendagras crosses her arms


…if you practice at your blessings you’ll become a great artist one day. And as great you’ll become it would be just as great for you to pay more attention.



Sure thing Mrs. Pendagras.

Mrs. Pendagras nods for Shaun to leave with a smile on her face.

Shaun leaves the classroom.

Mrs.Pendgras takes another look at the doodle.

The camera zooms downward on the doodle.

A picture of a sword and shield.

Doves flying downward with buckets of water.

An eagle flying into a beacon of light with stars surrounding it.

At the bottom is the planet covered in flames.

int. ashamed: school lunch room – continued

Shaun is eating at a lunch table. His bible is beside him.

A girl named Liela is with her friends at another lunch table.

Gary calls Shaun a Jesus freak from his table. Some of the kids laugh.

Shaun continues as he was.

Gary tries to test Shaun more and kids continue to laugh.

Liela notices and looks over.

A teacher patrolling the lunch room tells them to settle down.

That same teacher is called by another teacher out of view.

A past conversation between Shaun and Mrs.Paschar occur in Shaun’s thoughts.

Mrs. Paschar

“Though I were perfect, yet would I not know my soul: I would despise my life.” Not really into Job tonight?


..Job wasn’t called a freak by everyone in school.

Mrs. Paschar pauses for a moment.


Not necessarily…

Mrs. Paschar flips to a few pages.


Here we go.. Job 12:4 “I am as one mocked of his neighbor, who calleth upon God, and he answereth him: the just upright man is laughed to scorn.” Job felt that in his time of suffering the only thing his friends did was mock him. ..But you know what?




He still trusted in God.. and that’s just a good example for upright people like you to follow.


OK Mom.


Alright.. now where were we?

Liela has joined Shaun at the table.








You’d think they would expect to see a guy reading about God in a Catholic school huh?


I dunno Liela.. these days you got people who love God and then you got people who only love to say they love God and not know the difference.


Well Shaun.. I’d say loving Him with your heart is the difference. Am I right or am I right?

Liela nudges Shaun.



Yeah..That’s keeping on the right track anyway.



Just don’t let them get to you Shaun. You’ll probably become like this great minister or something one day.


Thanks Liela. There’s something Mrs. Pendagras said today just  before I left for lunch-

A girl named Samantha begins to choke and a student is calling for Help.

Shaun and Liela look over.


Help! Someone get a teacher she’s choking!

Everyone at their lunch tables stand and begin to panic.


I’ll go and get someone.

Liela runs to go and get some help.

Shaun goes over to Samantha.

Samantha has passed out on the floor.

Shaun has pushed his way through the crowd and is kneeling beside Samantha.

Shaun begins to administer Chest Compressions.

The camera goes in slow motion.

Liela and a teacher push through the crowd of kids.

Shaun closes his eyes slowly and says “breathe”.

A quick and small flash of energy comes from Shaun’s Chest Compression.

Samantha opens her eyes and inhales.

Samantha begins to cough and is revived.

Shaun looks at his hands as he gets up.

Shaun turns around to see Liela and the teacher.

The teacher moves Shaun out of the way and tells him: “good job son. You did good. Alright Samantha, just take it easy”

Shaun is walking backwards and passes by Liela.

Liela looks at Shaun’s hands and then at Shaun stunned.

Shaun turns and runs out of the lunchroom.

Gary watches Shaun leave.

Gary begins to follow Shaun.

int. friendly encounter: school – afternoon

Shaun ran to an empty hall. He is standing next to a wall looking down at his hands and crying.

Shaun hears a door open and begins to wipe his face with his arm sleeve.

A boy comes from around the corner.

He stops to speak with Shaun.


Hey you, you OK?

Shaun looks away and begins to walk in the opposite direction.


I’m fine.

Kevin begins to follow Shaun.


Just that.. I thought I heard someone crying?


Shouldn’t you be out for recess?


Shouldn’t you be too?

Shaun stops and turns to take another look at Kevin. Kevin stops and looks at Shaun.

Shaun notices Kevin has an “Aliens: Special discovery edition” magazine.

Shaun looks down at it and then looks at Kevin.

Kevin looks down at the magazine and back at Shaun.


Yeah.. feel free to call me a nerd or a freak anytime now.


What are you talking about?


Wait? You mean you’re not-



There he is!

Gary comes storming down the hall with two of his friends.


(under his breath)


Gary walks right up to Shaun’s face.


Thought you could hide.. freak?

Kevin’s mouth slightly opens in understanding.


What is it now Gary?

Gary pushes Shaun backwards.


Do it again freak!

Gary pushes Shaun.


Do what again!?

Gary has balled Shaun’s shirt into his fist.



You know what the hell I’m talking about! Do it again you freak before I pound you!

Shaun’s heart begins to beat. Shaun is becoming panicked.

Shaun looks over and sees Gary’s two friends picking on Kevin.


(grabbing Kevins Magazine)

This nerd thinks aliens exist! So you lose your brain and blame it on aliens is that it?

The other bully laughs at Vincents joke.

Liela peers from down the hall.



Shaun! Let go of him Gary.

Shaun looks at Liela. Liela is walking towards Shaun.


Take care of it Vinny!

Vincent pushes Kevin on the floor.

Vincent and the other bully stop Liela from going to Shaun.



Let me go! Shaun, do something!

Gary turns his attention back to Shaun. He grabs Shaun by the wrist with his other hand.



Do it!



Just what in the world is going on here!? You two let go of her right now! And Gary just what do you think you’re doing with that boy in my halls?

All the bullies let go and are scared.



All of office..NOW!

int. makings of a bond: principals office – afternoon

Shaun, Kevin and Liela are outside of the principals office.

Shaun is sitting in the middle and Kevin and Liela are at his sides.


What do you think is going on in there?


Probably suspension.


Ah man I can’t get suspended now, I just got here!


That’s’re that new kid in my class..Kevin right?


Yeah..that’s right. Hey you guys wanna hang out after school?




(still looking away)

Can’t. I’ve got piano lessons tonight.


Hey no prob! By the way what did that kid want you to do anyway..

Shaun glances over at Liela.

Liela acts like she isn’t paying attention.


I don’t know…

Kevin gives a confused look and is about to respond when the door opens.

The bullies are seen leaving the principals office.

Shaun, Kevin and Liela each look.


You boys can go to your lockers and get your things.



Ah man.. my old mans gonna kill me…

The bullies leave the scene.


It’s just a few days off Vincent Montgomery, not the end of the world. Take some time to think about your actions.

The principal watches the bullies leave for a few more seconds before turning to Shaun, Kevin and Liela.


Now, school policy is pretty clear about no students allowed in the halls during recess. Care to explain why I shouldn’t suspend all 3 of you?

The teacher from the lunchroom is seen walking out with Samantha and a nurse from the nurses office.


Principal Hawthorn? A word with you please?

The principal looks at the 3 students sitting down.


You better have a good story by the time I get back.

The principal is seen walking over to the teacher.

The principal puts his hands on his waist as he listens. He then becomes concerned and looks down at Samantha. In doing so he kneels and puts a hand on her back and comforts her. He looks up at the nurse and teacher and stands up again.

The teacher makes it apparent he is talking about the kids on the bench outside his office who helped Samantha.

The principal looks over and continues talking with the teacher.

Samantha looks over and sees Shaun and Liela. Samantha waves at them quickly and smiles.

Liela waves back and Shaun smiles.

Kevin is waving with a smile.

Shaun and Liela look confused and turn to Kevin.

Kevin stops waving.



The principal has walked over with Samantha.


Alright you two! I heard what you did for this student and I’m very proud of you both, but! School policy is there for a reason. We’ll let this one slide.. just for today. Lets not be here again..understood?

Shaun and Liela nod their heads yes.

The principal excuses them and they take off for the remainder of recess.

Kevin is getting up and begins to walk off.


And just where do you think you’re going? Have a seat.

Kevin slumps back down.





Samantha please have a seat, I’m sure your parents will be here shortly. If you have any issues just signal the nurse.

Samantha nods and takes a seat.

Kevin looks over at her and Samantha looks back.



..I’m Kev.



Samantha smiles and moves her hair.

Scene ends.

int. arcade – day

Shaun and Kevin are at the arcade and Kevin is playing an alien game.

Shaun is leaning on the machine and is finishing up a drawing.


Ohh! Level 13! How-do-you-like THAT!? It’s got to be one of those awesome unbreakable records right?

Shaun has his back to the machine and is sketching.


(doesn’t take his eyes off his sketch book)

Yeah Kev, has to be.


So because I’m new he gave me a warning. I also got to have a little time with Sammy. She’s pretty cool ya know.


(Shaun turns to look at kevin)


Kevin loses the game.


Ahh! Can’t believe this! I kill a ton of aliens and still lose my princess! What a ripoff!

Kevin picks up his bag from the floor.


Hey..wanna check out a few solar systems from my science lab also known as rooming quarters?



Sure Kev..

As the boys are leaving for the arcade exit they talk.


Ya know.. the best part about aliens is that they could already be among us.


What do you mean?


Like disguise or something. I mean.. people say aliens built the pyramids right? Maybe it’s true.


Weren’t people enslaved back then to build those pyramids?


I never said all disguised aliens would be good! There’s gotta be some bad ones in the mix. (giggles).


Well I guess I understand. You ever heard of Nephilims?



I uh-no? (shrug)


Nephilims were the offspring of angels. They were giants in their time but got completely wiped out during Noah’s flood.


So God got rid of the angels on earth?


Not entirely. Angels visited humans since then, even guided the wise men to Jesus’ birth.


Do you think aliens and angels would get- “oof”

Kevin bumps into the back of somebody at the exit of the arcade.

The person turns out to be Gary who got expelled.


You guys!? (pointing his finger at them) Because of you jerks I got expelled and my old man is sending me away to boot camp!

Shaun and Kevin look at each other.



Shaun and Kevin run past Gary and his friends.


Hey get back here you little squirts!

Shaun and Kevin race down the street.

Someone in rags is seen pushing a shopping cart on the opposite side of the road.

A bus has stopped to pick up passengers and is headed towards the kids running.


In there!

Shaun points to an alley and Kevin runs in.

Gary catches Shaun by the back pack.


Got you you little squirt! Go get the other do-fuss this one’s mine!

Gary signals for his friends to go and get Kevin in the alley.

Shaun is trying to wrestle free of Gary.

Kevin is dragged back out of the alley and is forced to watch.


Let.. go of me. Let go!


Show me it to me you freak!

Shaun wrestles.


You’re not going anywhere until you show it to me!

Slow motion begins.

Gary raises his fist at Shaun.

Kevin struggles to break free.

Shaun notices the fist coming for him from Gary.

Shaun closes his eyes and sticks out his hand.

A very small gust of wind picks up at Shauns feet.

Kevin notices the gust of wind and starts paying attention.

Gary’s fist is still coming down at Shaun.

Shaun extends his hand to Gary’s chest and a small energy light is shown from Shaun’s hand.

Slow motion ends.

Shaun is hit into the street by Gary just as his energy flash sends Gary flying into a nearby wall.

Gary’s friends are in shock and say “whoa..” they let go of Kevin and run to Gary.

Kevin drops to the floor and looks up as he rises.

Shaun stands up and is looking at his hand.



Shaun get out of there!

A bus is about to hit Shaun.

Shaun is pushed out of the way by the homeless person in rags from behind.

The person in rags is hit and is laying on the ground.

Shaun lands back on the sidewalk.

People begin to gather around the bus.

The bus driver runs out of the bus to see if the person hit is alright.

Kevin runs over to Shaun.



Kevin helps up Shaun.

The bus driver is at the front of the bus and is confused. He picks up an empty rag from the road.

The camera is focused back on Kevin who has helped Shaun up to his feet.


You OK?


Yeah..I’m fine..I.. I don’t know what happened..

A pedestrian shouts from across the street.


Hey! There’s the kid he pushed out of the way!

Shaun and Kevin look over.


We’ll figure this out later.. right now we gotta get out of here, come on!

Shaun and Kevin run off the scene.

One of Shaun’s sketches is left on the floor.

A group of people come out of a barber shop. Barbers and customers.

A guy (Marcus) steps out of the barber shop and is seen dusting off his shoulders. He looks in the direction that Shaun and Kevin have run in.

Marcus reaches for the sketch and looks at it.

The piece of paper is a drawing of an eagle and dove surrounded by wolves.

In front of the eagle and dove is a Lion with wings leaping in the air and deflecting a wolfs attack.


(whispers to himself)

You don’t say..

INT. Kevs room: HOME – continuous – night

Kevin’s room is filled with alien posters, alien and astronaut toys and UFO models.

Shaun is at Kevin’s house and they are looking out of his telescope at the same time.

A shooting star passes by and the boys move away from the telescope as they look at each other.

Shaun & Kevin



INT. Shauns room: HOME – later

Shaun’s room is simple, clean and not as excitedly decorated as Kevin’s.

Shaun is looking out the window (head on his crossed arms) and is staring into space.

int. broken dreams: home – night

Shaun begins to dream of a man in white clothing. He is calling out for him to open a door between them.

The door is transparent on Shaun’s end.

Shaun can see him but the man cannot see Shaun.

Shaun takes a step forward and reaches for the door knob.

A calm and loving voice begins to speak.

The Man in White

Hello? Are you there? Are you alright? Let me see you. I’ve come to free this world of its pain and suffering. Speak. Embrace the light that I have to offer.

The man in white is standing still.

Shaun takes a step and reaches for the door knob.


(calm and loving)

No! Do not open that door.

Shaun pulls back his arm in fear.

The man in white begins to walk to the door.

Shaun is standing in fear.



You must hurry now! wake up! Do it! wake up! (the voice shouts and screams) WAKE UUUUUUUUUUUP!


(Shaun is 18)

Shaun is in grade 12.

Shaun wakes up out of his bed breathing hard and sweating.

He looks at his door and then checks the time.

Shaun walks to the window and see’s snow on the ground. Shaun bows his head and begins to pray.

Shaun then leaves the window to get ready for school.

int. High school – day

Shaun closes the door to his locker in High school.

Shauns best friend Kevin is with him.


Not that many days left and we’re outta here! ….what?

Shaun is looking displeased with Kevin.


A scholarship offered from one of the most highly accredited physics universities in the world; invites you to study space and technology and you say sorry I’m taking a year off to prepare for what the universe has yet to offer!? Are you kidding me?


Hey, every man should take the time to prepare for destiny! What can I say?


You should’ve said yes.

Shaun sees Liela up ahead.

Liela is in grade 12.

Liela is talking to their friend named Samantha.

Samantha is in grade 12.

Liela excuses herself from Samantha to talk to Shaun.


If you’ll excuse me Shaun.

Kevin goes to talk to Samantha.

Shaun stops to talk to Liela.


Hows it going Liela?


It’s going wonderfully Mr. Paschar. Care to guess why?


Hmmm.. nope.. can’t think of a single reason ma’m.


Well..the story goes..two teens share a dream about going to a certain college and they both get accepted.
Shaun shows a sign of joy and shock.

The bell rings.



Liela I can’t believe it! That’s awesome news!


Why thank you Mr. Paschar. You’re gonna need someone there to make sure you stay on the right track!

Kevin and Samantha walk over to Liela and Shaun.



(smiling/ wave)

Hey Shaun.



Hey Samantha.


We better get going you..

Samantha playfully grabs Liela’s arm and walks off.


(while being pulled/ giggling)

I’ll see you later Shaun!

Shaun and Kevin head to class.

ext. The man in White: school – afternoon

The bell rings and the school day is over.

Shaun and Kevin have left the school building.

Shaun has his sketchbook in his hands and is walking beside Kevin.

Kevin has his head down and is looking at a magazine.

Kevin is talking about aliens.

Kids are looking at their devices in shock. Some have their hands over their mouths.

Some kids are stopped by their friends and asked to look at a device. They soon react in awe and are seen asking if its real.

Shaun turns around to see a teacher running out of the school in fear.


(while looking at the magazine)

I’m just saying, if aliens were on this planet they’d have to be in disguise. People would rather dissect them than receive their help and technology anyway.

Shaun continues to look around.


(hops in front of Shaun and begins walking backwards)

Think about it. How many alien films has our lovely planet earth made about selfless aliens?


It’s always got to be about aliens with you Kev. (Shaun shuffles his bag)


I’d say earth has something that no other planet has. Or maybe-



Or maybe they just want to put us all out of our misery? Hey.. do you know what’s going on?

Kevin looks up from his magazine.

A lot of people have begun to react either extremely sad or extremely happy.

Shaun and Kevin stop walking and are looking around.


(very confused)



(interrupts Kevin)

Hey Shaun!

Shaun and Kevin look over to see Samantha.


Hey Samantha.


Yo Sam-ay!


Hello to you too Kev.

Samantha becomes a bit shy with Kevin.


Do you know whats going on out here?



You mean you haven’t heard?

Shaun shakes his head no. Kevin shrugs.


(shocked) both haven’t heard about the return of the Messiah? The whole city is going crazy. Even Liela had to take off after she got a call from her Dad. He’s really here!

Shaun and Kevin look at each other then back at Samantha.


That’s right…you don’t watch t.v unless it’s God’s Visonaries TV and the other one is too busy watching stars from a pipe with glass. Honestly you two..

Samantha rolls her eyes as she pulls out a device from her bag.

She turns on the internet to a video viewing the network.

Shaun and Kevin get closer to see.

Kevin gets even closer to Samantha.

Samantha stops and looks at Kevin with a smile.

Samantha nudges Kevin playfully then turns back to the device.


Alright..Here it is. It’s all over the news but here’s the original vid.  “Prophetess Zooshada Reveals Christ”

The 3 friends begin to watch the video.

Prophetess Zooshada

And my brothers and sisters…This is a time of great celebration. (congregation cheers) We have among us…a very special guest…the return…. of our loving God’s son! (gasps and murmurings are made in the congregation). Please..step forward…..step forward my king.

A man in white steps on stage.

Shaun’s eyes widen. That is the same man from his dreams.

The congregation is hardly clapping.


Forgive them my king for their disbelief. These are strange times and troublesome hearts that have suffered a million years worth of tears and sorrow. Be merciful oh Lord and show us the way, we beg of you.

The crowd begins to murmur more. The man in white raises his hands to the congregation and they become silent.


You have pleased me and my father who watches with great pleasure. To esteem my hearts joy upon you I ask that you tell me what ails you.


You’d think if he were the messiah he’d be speaking Hebrew right? Because..



No one knows what language he’d speak on his return…You could have assumed shh!


Oh my king.. I have had back pains for years. My sight is fleeting. I grow old and therefore my mind is fragile. The cancer in my body grows stronger and though I pray my Lord…I pray for others more than I do myself!

The crowd is in shock at this announcement.


Very well then.

The man in white steps forward and places his hands on Prophetess Zooshadas head. He closes his eyes.


Father hear my cry. Open to me your virtuous claim over this poor woman’s soul. Depart from this woman all sickness and destroying elements..(shouting/ eyes open) FOR THE SON OF MAN HAS RETURNED!

A large gust of wind blows on stage and light shines brightly from his hand onto Prophetess Zooshadas forehead.

The man in whites eyes have turned pitch white.

Prophetess Zooshada then begins to scream and the congregation follows.

Shaun looks very concentrated on the video.

Kevin is stunned.

Samantha wipes away a tear.

The camera goes back to the video.

The man in white still has his hand on Prophetess Zooshada.

Prophetess Zooshada is no longer old. She is young..and vibrant.

It is quiet in the church until the man in white releases his hand from Prophetess Zooshadas forehead.

The congregation goes wild in celebration.

That is when Shaun notices.. He raises his head and sees the celebrating going on in his city.

People are chanting.. “The messiah has returned”.


This is amazing! Oh my God! Oops? Should I even say that anymore!? (laughs and walks off)

Shaun and Kevin begin to walk after her..

Shaun’s phone rings. Mrs. Paschar is calling.




Where are you Shaun?


I’m at everything alright?


Are you alright Shaun!? Is everything OK?


Yeah, yeah mom. Everything’s fine. What’s going on?


Have you heard the news about this Messiah?


Yeah, Samantha just shown me the video.


Samantha? Listen Shaun. I want you to stay in front of the school. I’m calling your father to pick you up right now.


But mom..I’m fine..I’ll just-


No buts Shaun! Now you stay put until your father gets there, is that clear?


Yeah mom….OK….love you too…bye.


Well, What do you think Shaun?


I think it’s about God damn time.

Gary is a thug now and he is hanging with Marcus.

Gary spots Vincent on the sidewalk.


A-Yo Vinny! Long time no see huh bro?

Vinny is not a thug but walks over.

Vinny has cleaned up his act.

Vinny gives Gary a shake.


How’s it goin’ Gary?


You know..doing the do..making money. I was actually gonna hook you up too once this deal goes straight for us.. you down?


Nah.. I can’t. My old man still mentions boot camp.


Yeah.. boot camp.

Gary looks over at Shaun and Kevin. Gary walks past Samantha and steps towards them.


How’s been boys. You miss ol’ Gary or what?


Hi Gary.

Kevin swallows and stays silent.

Marcus talks from inside the car.


What you got over there, some friends of yours?


Yeah…some old friends.

Gary stares at Shaun.


You know this Messiah thing is blowin’ up all over the city. We should celebrate..I mean.. you always were into that bible thing right Shaun?

Shaun doesn’t say a word.


Come on Shawn..lets forget about the past…It’ll be fun…what do you say Sammy?

Gary turns to Samantha.


Care to do some celebrating?




She’s fine Gary!


Come on Kevin..Let’s not get hasty..I don’t think a principal will save the day..

Gary taps the side of his waist as he speaks indicating he has a gun.


OK! I’ll go!..I’ll go..




Alright Sammy! Lets do the damn thing!


And what about you down?


S-sorry man.. I got to get home. My family wants to watch the exclusive meeting on the Messiah tonight.

Vincent and Gary say their goodbyes.

Gary heads to the car with Samantha and the rest of the thugs.

Shaun looks at Samantha who has taken a seat in the car. A guy beside her begins to flirt.


Hold on Gary..I’ll go too.


Glad to see you changed your mind..

Shaun and Kevin walk to the car. Shaun gets in the car first leaving Gary and Kevin outside.

Gary turns to Kevin.


Sorry bro. No more room..


But you just invited Vinny and..


Sorry bro. (Gary gently shoves Kevin out of the way.)


Don’t worry..We’ll be taking good care of your friends…

Kevin stares at Marcus and Marcus stares at Kevin.


(to the driver)

Let’s go.

The car drives off. Kevin is left alone watching.


(under his breath)

This can’t be good…

int. driving: car – afternoon

Shaun is watching the celebration in the streets.

Signs of all kinds are being shown. People are praying and crying.

Some are asking the people to think twice and others are calling him the Anti-Christ.


(from the passenger seat)

This is wild huh? Just yesterday err’body was enjoyin sin.. now look at em? They just wanna act the part till they find a way to get away with it all, all over again.

Shaun turns his attention to Marcus.

Marcus is now looking out the window.


I didn’t know you were into God Marcus?

Marcus remains silent and is staring out the window.


That’s right..joined the squad what? Last week? And still haven’t told us much about yourself or your girl Henny.

Marcus remains silent.


Whatever it is, lets just hope it don’t rhyme with cop.

Gary turns his attention to Shaun.


And what do you think Shaun?

Shaun turns his attention to Gary.


About what?


What? You think I forgot? That day when Sammy was choking….that day with the bus…your hands and..that flash..


What are you talking about Gary?

Gary’s friend looks suspiciously at Shaun.

Marcus looks at Shaun from the rear view.

Gary’s friend is still staring.

Shaun notices and stares back.

int. The gathering: house – Night

Shaun, Samantha, Gary, Marcus and Henny are at a house party sitting on a couch.

Marcus whispers to Henny.

Henny looks concerned for a few seconds and steps out.

Samantha starts to take notice of Shaun who is just looking at the floor.

SAMANTHA alright?


He’s probably prayin’.. (laughs)



And just what is wrong with praying?

Gary sneers.


So you’re the church boy huh?


Something like that..


I would’nt have thought this was your type of scene church boy..

Shaun looks at Samantha..Samantha looks back at Shaun.


It’s not.

Marcus looks at Samantha.

Samantha looks the other way.

The door opens and a guy named Big Cheeze walks in.


Yo, Yo, Yo! What the hell is going on in here?

Gary’s friend whispers in Big Cheezes ear.


Messiah!? Christ don’t run this joint.. I do! We got some special bid-ness’ goin’ down today..the hell were you thinkin’?


I can tell em to bounce if you want boss?


(looks around and notices Samantha)

Nah, Nah..we’ good. It’ll be cool. We’ll just handle it in the back room.

Gary’s friend looks over to where Shaun is sitting. He then whispers in Big Cheeze’s ear and puts up his hands.

Shaun looks serious.

Gary is about to get up as Big Cheeze makes his way over.


Nah, nah, that’s a’ight. chill.

Samantha looks uncomfortable.


Whose is this? (asking about Samantha and putting on a disgustingly charming look)


She’s Samantha. An old friend of mine.



And did I ask you? (exaggerating) Gary!?

Samantha shuffles in her seat.


(smiles at Samantha)

Sorry about my manners. You here to celebrate the Messiah too?

Samantha looks thrown off.


Yeah.. I am (smiles)



.. Well look ma.. Feel free to come over here anytime when you wanna celebrate you feel me?

Samantha looks down in discomfort.

The door knocks.

Big Cheeze signals for Gary’s friend to get the door.

Gary’s friend goes and gets the door.

Big Cheeze turns his attention to Shaun.


And your name?



Ay Big Cheeze.. it’s that business.

Big Cheeze looks at Marcus angrily.

Marcus nods to the door.

2 Men in all black are holding a bag. They have a serious look on their faces.



There it is.. there!


What you mean?


Remember those dudes I was tellin’ ya’ll about? Who hooked my peoples up with that new dope? Not only did it sell like crazy but they gave it away for free! Talkin’ bout they just tryna’ get their names out! Word is that not every hood on the grid is pickin’ it up though. Some of these cats are actually sayin’ no! Scared of it or somethin’.

Big Cheeze greets the 2 men and brings them into the back room.

Gary’s friend is leaning at the door.

Shaun turns to  Samantha.


Sam.. I think we should get going…these guys and whats going on right’s not safe.



Keep it quiet church boy.. Aint nothin’ gonna happen to her. You heard Big Cheeze.


Sam..please..lets go. You too Gary. lets forget about the past and get out of here.

Ay Shaun.. If you really wanna get goin’ I’m down to bring you guys home. Ya’ll shouldn’t be here.

Gary rolls his eyes and stands up.


Pfft. They ain’t leavin’ anywhere bro! Especially not him!

Gary turns to Marcus.


And I’m not surprised you’d chicken out on this deal Marcus! Big Cheeze told me about you.

Gary pulls out a gun. Everyone on the couch gets up. No one else at the party notices.




Don’t Gary me Sammy! You’re telling me not once did it cross your mind how this punk saved your life? Not once?


Gary please! I don’t remember anything!


Liar! You’re both Liars!

Gary walks forward to Samantha.




Marcus steps in the way.

Gary raises his arms.


Unless you want to get on my last nerve.. I suggest you let it go and let them out of here kid.


Yeah? Or else what!?

Gary points the gun at Marcus.

Marcus pulls out a small blade.

Big Cheeze is seen sampling the drugs. He begins to twitch and knock things over a table. The people at the party begin to cheer.



One of the two men notices Marcus’ blade. He squints and then becomes wide eyed at Marcus.


Alright..It’s really about to go down.

Gary is confused and turns around to see the 2 men in black.

Big Cheeze is laying unconscious on the table.


What the fu-

Marcus takes the gun out of Gary’s hand.

Gary is shocked and turns to the room. He is trying to wake Big Cheeze up.

Big Cheeze rises while staring at Gary as he gets up.

The 2 men step out of the room and close the door with Gary still inside.


Hey! It’s time you kids got out of here! Go on.. I’ll be right behind you.

The people at the party stop dancing and are beginning to leave the party.

Shaun and Samantha make their way to the exit.

The 2 men look at each other and let out a soft laugh.

Gary’s friend is smiling.

Shaun and Samantha are outside.

ext. The Gathering 2: outside -night

Shaun and Samantha leave the party among the others running out and screaming.

Shaun sees Henny at the car they came in.


Come on Sammy.


But what about?-

Just then the house door bursts open.

Marcus’ right hand is covered in blood and he has a scar across his chest.

Samantha covers her mouth.


What happened in there? Are you alright? And wheres Gary? Those guys they-


Forget it kid! We gotta take you guys home right now!

Marcus walks fast to the car.

Shaun and Samantha follow.

Shaun and Samantha see Henny at the car.

Marcus opens the car door. When everyone is in he speeds off.

int. The gathering 3: Highway – night

Marcus is speeding down the highway.

Shaun looks frightened.



Hey..what’s going on?


Come on, come on…


Guys! Please! Just tell me what’s goin- Ah!

Shaun grabs his head in pain.

Shaun keeps hearing his name over and over again by different voices.


(in tears and pain)



Shaun!? Hey! Pull over..Somethings wrong with Shaun!

Marcus looks at the rear view. Henny is watching out for a tail.


This isn’t making any sense! Just please… pull over or drive us somewhere so we can get help! Dammit if you don’t listen to me I’m calling the cops!

Marcus and Henny slightly look at each other but remain looking forward.

Samantha pulls out her phone. As she does it rings.

Samantha jumps. Samantha gains composure and sees the caller is Kevin.


Thank God it’s you Kevin! Something’s going on with Shaun..I..I Don’t know Kevin they aren’t telling us anything. OK..OK I’m calm. No, I’m not hurt.. They said they are going to drop us home. OK.. I’ll meet you there.

Samantha hangs up.

Samantha turns back to Shaun and puts his head on her lap.

Samantha can’t fight back tears.

Marcus is passing a sign that says airport exit. He turns to Henny.

Henny shakes her head no.


We can’t..

Marcus is fighting tears and slams his fist on the steering wheel of the car.

He begins to nod his head in agreement.

When he stops nodding his head he puts his hand over his mouth and lets it drop back down to the steering wheel.

Marcus turns to Henny.


But you know what this means for us…(starts breaking down)

Henny fights back her own tears.


Marcus..You are not supposed to…

Marcus looks forward and clenches his jaws.

Ext. Training: House – night

Samantha is dropped off at her home.

Kevin greets her outside with a hug.

Kevin takes a look at Shaun who has passed out in the back seat of the car.

Kevin stares angrily at Marcus.

Marcus stares angrily back at Kevin.

Henny stares angrily at Kevin.

The car speeds off and Kevin is walking Samantha the rest of the way home.


What was that about?


That’s a question I don’t think the universe even has an answer for…come on lets get you home safe.

Shaun is let out of the car. He is awake but still out of it.

Henny looks determined into his eyes.



Shaun..I wish we could..


What she means to say Shaun is that we can’t help you with this headache you got. Just go home, lock the doors and get some rest.

Shaun doesn’t understand what he means and turns for home.

Marcus speeds off with Henny in the car.

(slow motion begins)

Shaun looks and sees the backyard gate.

Shaun walks towards the gate.

Marcus has a hand on his head. Henny is looking out of a rolled down window. A tear falls down her cheek.

Shaun stumbles into the backyard.

Marcus and Henny are cut off the road by Big Cheeze.

The 2 men in black look out the window.

Gary leans forward smiling.

Shaun finds a spot in the backyard.

A badly beaten Marcus. His eye swollen and blood dripping all over.

Henny is screaming for them to let him go.

Big Cheeze walks over to Henny and slaps her with the back of his hand.

Shaun drops to His knees.

Marcus has stopped struggling.

Big Cheeze grabs him by the chin.

Shauns tears and a storm begins to brew.

A Loud thunder clap goes off and Shaun slumps to the snowy ground with his hands on his head.

Marcus struggling to get free and shouting.

Henny is being dragged by her hair into a room by Big Cheeze.

Henny is reaching out to Marcus with one hand. The other hand is grabbing her hair.

Henny is thrown on the bed. She is sitting up.

Big Cheeze is unbuckling his belt and walks towards her with the door open for Marcus to watch as he is held down.

Big Cheeze’s gun can be seen at his side.

Marcus is struggling to be free – tears are streaming down his bruised face.

Henny raising her head and mouthing the words “have faith”.

Henny leaps from the bed towards Big Cheeze who threw his belt on the ground.

Mrs. Paschar is sitting at the dinner table looking out of a window and at the storm. She suddenly becomes alert and pushes from the table.

Mrs. Paschar runs in the direction of the backyard.

Big Cheeze is laying dead on the floor.

Henny grabbed his gun and is pointing it at the two men in black holding Marcus.

Henny is crying. They smile and let Marcus go.

Gary walks into the camera view.

Henny mouths the words “back up” but Gary proceeds.

Henny shoots Gary 3 times but he neither flinches or drops but continues to walk.

Henny looks at Marcus and slightly smiles..She mouths the words “I love you” just before Gary grabs her by the throat and throws her into a black vortex.

Marcus screams his head off.

The 2 men turn to watch Marcus in pain and begin to laugh.

Marcus is shown kneeling for a few seconds before quickly getting up and running out of the window.

Scene showing Mrs. Paschar coming outside and looking up into the sky worried.

Mrs. Paschar sees Shaun laying on the cold and wet floor crying.

Shaun is soaking wet and freezing.


(Hands clasp around her mouth)

Mrs. Paschar runs over to her son weeping uncontrollably and helps him up to bring him inside.

int. close encounter: house – continued

Scene Showing Mr. and Mrs. Paschar downstairs in a dim living room.

Shaun is staring into a foggy bathroom mirror with a towel on.

Mrs. Paschar is crying with a napkin on the couch next to her husband.

Shaun is back in his room.

Shaun’s phone rings, it’s Kevin.

Shaun is laying on the edge of his bed with his feet still on the floor of his room.

Shaun is rising back up.

Shaun pulls his computer chair.

Shaun is typing in a search about the Messiah on his computer.

Shaun is going through pages.

Shaun has found a page for discussion about the Messiah.

Scene showing Shaun typing “hello?”. No reply

(slow motion finishes)

Shaun has fallen asleep in his chair and is woken up by a message on the computer.



Hi, how’s it going? You still there?



Hi. I need to just talk to someone..

Camera shows time passing as Shaun and Angie exchange messages in the night over the computer.

Shaun talks about his dreams and the man in white.

Angie shares that she is very biblical and one hundred percent about God.

The camera fades into the next scene.

ext. is he ready?: college – afternoon

(Shawn is 19 – Present Day)

Shaun and Liela went to the same bible college and attended the same classes.

Shaun and Liela are good friends.

Shaun is walking off campus and is on the phone.


Yes Angie..(laughs) This semester was great.


I’m so glad to hear that Shaun! Congratulations on a successful year!

Shaun passes by a group of girls on campus.


Hey brother Shaun! Great interview on God’s Visionaries TV!


(looking up from his phone)

Shaun raises his hand to gesture hi

Thanks, and God Bless you guys.

Shaun goes back on the phone.




Yeah, what was that about?


They tuned in on God’s Visionaries TV with pastors John and Jim about my practice ministry.


Wow.. Aren’t you Mr. Popular now?



I wouldn’t say that..All glory belongs to God. The support here has also been.. incredible. (pauses) You too Angie.. You’ve been incredible.

There is a brief pause.


It’s only been a few months but we’re always here for you…and speaking of we.. (Angie whispers quickly) She’s so proud of you!

ms. Basquali



Hey Ms. Basquali!


Shaun! My, my, my- what gifts the Lord has blessed you with!


Amen Ms. Basquali! How’s everything going?

Shaun signals for a cab and gets in.


How’s everything? (laughs) Everythings fine my boy! Great interview!

45 minutes later.

Shaun gets out of the cab after paying his fare while Ms. Basquali is still speaking.

Shaun is at the train station.

Shaun then notices Liela waiting for the same train, checking her watch with one suitcase in hand.


Sure thing Ms. Basquali. I’ll be sure to give Angie a call later.


You behave yourself over there ya hear? Don’t let me have to come out there (laughs)



Will do Ms. Basqauli.. Love you guys.

Shaun hangs up and walks over to Liela. Shaun taps her shoulder. Liela turns around and is surpised to see Shaun.


Oh Hey Shaun!

Liela gives Shaun a hug.


Ready to meet the fam?


Ah man. Moms going to be.. Well you know how she gets..


(imitating Mrs. Paschar)

“Ohh my baby! Welcome home! You eating right? You keepin up with the news? Oh! And Hows that incredibly beautiful and talented girl named Liela doing? (laughing)



Yeah, that was.. close enough.

The train arrives and Shaun and Liela board.

int. is he ready? 2: train – evening

Liela has fallen asleep.

Shaun is seen watching Liela sleep.

Shaun is seen getting ready to sleep as the train goes by.

INT. IS HE READY? 3: TRAIN – morning

The train is now back in Shaun and Liela’s city.

Shaun wakes up first and notices they arrived. He nudges Liela gently.

Liela wakes up and notices they arrived.

Shaun and Liela are then seen getting their carry on luggage from off the train.

EXT. IS HE READY? 4: train station – continued

Shauns parents are waiting for him at the station.

Shauns mother is joyous to see him with hugs and kisses.

Shauns father watches with his shades on.

They offer Liela a ride but Liela says her ride will be there shortly.

Shaun and his family part ways.

ext. IS HE READY? 5: Beginning of the end – home – afternoon

The Paschars pull up in the driveway and Shaun grabs his bags from the car.

Mr. Paschar walks up next to his son and hugs him for a long time.


Dad? hasn’t been that long has it..



Right..(laughs) It’s’s just so good to see you son. Things have gotten a little crazy since this Messiah shown up. I’m just very proud of you.


I’ve always been proud of you Dad.

The Paschars look at each other and Shauns father replies.


Shaun.. We ..we love you. And that’s all that matters.


Come on you guys.. I’m not going anywhere and the way I see it niether are you guys anytime soon.

Shaun taps his fathers strong arms as he enters into the house.

int. the news: house – evening

Shaun and his family are watching a televised news broadcast on the Messiah.

Newscaster 1

Leaders around the world have all gathered in peace in the respective name of the Messiah. He has helped them with their differences and continues to heal the world of its wars, famine and injustices.

Mrs. Paschar changes the channel.

The channel is called GodsVisionaries Tv.

Newscaster John

..and while our esteemed so called Messiah is conquering global disputes, sickness and poverty we still see the damage that has been done by the new drug called “Souls Bliss” that erupted on our streets. Not only are scientists unable to dissect the substances of that drug or discover its origins- it’s the victims that have become subdued by its trance effects. Teachers, friends and parents have claimed that after their loved ones had taken this mysterious drug that they became different among other reports. Is our Messiah truly out to heal the world? Or is he just leading us on? Some experts in the religious community claim that he is not the Messiah but the Anti-Christ himself embodying the symbolic traits of a Lord and savior.

Shaun becomes more interested in the broadcast.

newscaster Jim

Now John, that’s just absurd! How can a God send! Be condemned to the thoughtless drivel of mortals? He represents a change and presence that we..yes John even you..have yearned for. The opportunties for real peace and for a true chance at God’s embrace are finally here. We’ve made it John!


Now Jim, we go way back and’s just absurd that we would find ourselves in a religious community that should know to question and seek God’s answer in this through prayer. I’m not saying he’s the Anti-Christ Jim but it’s impossible for me to say He’s the Christ until my God has said so with undeniable confirmation.


Undeniable confirmation!? What of the many who HAVE prayed on it and have placed their claim in God’s answer? Those who said that God told them in the many ways He chooses to speak to us that yes, indeed, this man is our Lord and savior. I’m one of those people John and you know what? So is Prophetess Zooshada. You remember her John? The worlds most respected prophet at the near age of 100 healed of all ailments and brought to a youthful age of 25! Explain that John? Are you trying to say God doesn’t speak to us? Are we forgetting the many times you’ve asked ME to pray for you and THANKED ME ON AIR about my gift with God?




you know what John! I’m sorry this had to be live and on air.. I just..I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t sit here and listen to a guy who’d rather argue with the beauty this Messiah has brought to our the world. And you know what? If you want to stick to your biblical revelations.. and say he’s the anti-christ FINE! I remember reading very clear that the real Christ you so damn well yearn for is coming with a sword! A sword John! Is that what you are hoping for? For our world to be in wait of destruction and death? Your neighbors..friends..children all across the world..even me want that for me too?


Jim..please just listen to what I’ve got to say..

Jim takes off his shirt mic and walks off set.

Jim can be heard shouting to the producer


“no ..that’s it.. I’m done. I just can’t work with a guy who all these years has just been…just been a faithful murderer. Either you get rid of him or thats it… you’ve lost me for good!”

The channel goes off air.

Shaun turns to his parents who are looking at each other. Mr. Paschar grabs his wifes hand.

int. they make their move: house – continued

Shaun is in his room talking to Angie on the phone.


Yeah I saw it Shaun. I mean Jim makes valid points but they aren’t rational..just emotional.


Yeah..and calling John a faithful murderer.. I mean sure it might seem odd that the guy was expecting Christ with a sword..but it’s not for those kinds of reasons he puts his faith in. It’s not even  the half of God’s original plan. I think…I think we just have to believe that all of this is in God’s plan.



Well said..

Shauns phone beeps. Liela is on the other line.


Hey Angie, I’ve got a friend on the other line. We’ll talk again soon.


Anytime..and hey Shaun before you go..




I’ll be praying.

SHAUN too..Take care.

Shaun answers the other line.


Hey Liela, what’s up?


You see whats going on with Gods Visionaries TV today?

Shaun walks to the window..

Scene cuts to Shaun sleeping.

Shaun is having that same dream again. The voices tell Shaun to ignore as usual. But this time things change.

THE VOICE whatever you do, do not..

The voice has disappeard. Shaun wakes up in his bed.

(Shaun is still dreaming)

Shaun sees a Lion with pointed horns at the end of his bed. The Lion is just staring at him.

a voice..deeply speaks to Shaun.


So. You are the one.

Shaun remains silent.


Where are we..Shaun. Are we home? Is mom and dad ok?

Shaun keeps his mouth shut.


Check on your family Shaun. They might be in danger.

Shaun decides it be best to sit still and be quiet.


Are you afraid Shaun?


Shaun! Leave out the window! Now!

Shaun makes a leap for the window.

Shaun stands to see the Lion is pacing right in front of him.


It can’t hurt you..not as long as you keep that door closed and believe in the strength of God.

Shaun turns to see the door behind him.

Shaun then see’s a very beautiful young woman in a veil walking to him on his side of the door.

The beautiful woman puts her hand on Shauns cheek.

The beautiful woman begins to speak.


It’s me Shaun. I’m here..I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. To protect you. Love you. Don’t be afraid of its illusions. Call out the name of Jesus.



Shut up you! You have no right to interfere.

The beautiful woman does not remove her hand from Shauns face.


And what right did you ever have?

Shaun looks confused and scared.


Shaun..don’t fear the one who has always been there Loving you. Close your eyes Shaun.

Shaun closes his eyes.

The beautiful young woman kisses her finger and places it upon Shauns forehead.


A your release.

Shauns eyes open wide and the desert begins to rapidly change in gusts of winds.

Different sections..places and scenes of a hospital..Shauns parents…3 nurses…Dr. Verdel.. they all show like giant paintings and screens in the desert.

The 3 people in rags..The bible.. and then it goes further..

Shaun sees the drug. He sees it changing people and replacing them with something else.. something evil.(demons)

Shaun sees Marcus beaten.

Shaun sees the scene of Henny being dragged to the room..

Shaun sees Big cheeze is dead.

Shaun sees Henny is being thrown into a vortex by Gary. (Shauns eyes widen)

Shaun sees the 2 men in black…He sees them taking Samantha…Kevin is crying for her..

Shaun sees his father..trapped in a fire in his fire fighters suit and reaching out for Shaun; calling Shauns name.

Shaun sees aliens.

Their skin is transparent with what looks like the universe embedded all over.

The beautiful young woman removes her finger at once.


Please forgive me Shaun..the must release on your own.

Shaun is in tears..


A prophets gift is also a prophets curse. What you see you cannot undo. Everything has a purpose Shaun. And I’m sorry it has to be this way.

The voice lowers her head.


No! (sobbing) I won’t..I won’t let my father die!

THE VOICE love.there is still more.

Shaun looks into the eyes of the beautiful young woman with his eyes filled in tears.

Shaun takes a look over to the lion.

Walking back and forth is no longer the Lion but the man in white.

Shaun stammers back in fear.


What is this? What’s going on? Thats the Messi-


He is the Anti-Christ Shaun and that door leads to your soul.

Shaun becomes shocked.

The man in white stops walking and stands there.

The man in white lets out a strong yell.

The voice removes her hand and steps back.





No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!




(Just as shaun opens his mouth)




Before Shaun could finish he wakes up out of bed.

Shaun is breathing heavily and steps out of bed.

Shaun goes to his door but hesitates…he hesitates for a long while. Falling to his knees and sobbing.

Mrs. Paschar knocks the door..Shaun stumbles back..crawling backwards for the window.


Shaun? Shaun are you alright..?

Shaun bumps his bed and lets out a gasp.

Shaun is trembling.


OK Shaun..OK. I’m going to come in Shaun..just relax.



(under his breath)

Go away…

Mrs. Paschar opens the door to Shauns room.

Mrs. Paschar


Mrs. Paschar runs over to Shaun and kneels beside her son. Shaun! Everything will be’s OK Shaun it’s OK!

Shaun first winces away from her touch but then leans into her and starts crying.


(rocking Shaun back and forth)

Shh..It’s OK’s OK. I’m here..It’ll be alright (Mrs. Paschar kisses Shaun on the forehead).


Mom…My dream..I saw you in the hospital…Dr. Verdel..(Mrs. Paschar immediately begins to sob)I ..I saw dad..

Mrs. Paschar nods and shakes her head in immense sorrow fighting back tears. She hugs her son very strongly and they both cry.

Mrs. Paschar begins to pray the Lords prayer.

The camera is positioned at the door.

Outside the door Mr. Paschar heard everything and is sobbing quietly.


(under his breath)

Please..God..We need you. Give us strength.

EXT. Fire and tears: newyok city – day

Shaun is walking fast down the street.

Liela is doing her best to keep up.


Will you slow down Shaun?


Liela please.. Just listen to what I said and go home!


I’m not going anywhere Shaun! And whats gotten into you? You have some dream and now you’re going to go and bother a woman who clearly has turned her back on the world?


Look. (Shaun stops) It was not just some dream ok? I saw..with my own eyes..everything that has happened..thats happening and is going to happen..


..but Shaun really? Just listen to yourself, you aren’t making any sense. You’re just-


My mom admitted it was all true..everything in the past that I saw Liela..ALL TRUE! And this false Messiah is leading the people astray..I know it..somethings not right here Liela. People around us changing and disappearing? He hasn’t made a difference Liela.. He’s the..

Liela steps forward and covers Shauns mouth. She looks around as people and onlookers walk by.


Look..Lets say everything you’re talking about is true..OK? (whispers) It wouldn’t be too smart to go around calling him an Anti-Christ now would it (gestures with her eyebrows).

Liela removes her hand slowly. Shaun looks around then back at Liela.

SHAUN’re right. I guess that means you believe me?


It means, Mr. Paschar, that I’m open to confirmation. A ton of it!

Shaun and Liela laugh.


Come on.. Lets go find ms. youthfully vibrant Prophetess Zooshada.

int. Fire and tears 2: condo – day

Shaun and Liela are seen talking to a condo clerk about Prophetess Zooshada.


Sorry’s just company policy not to release residential names or associated information. I could lose my job right..



But..sir.we just really really want to know about the Messiah.


Mhm.. (looks left and then right. He leans forward and whispers) Look if she was here I couldn’t tell you anything..nothing…not a single word…

Shaun and Leila look disappointed they begin to walk away.


And I definitely wouldn’t advise you to check out her old apartment on (fictional street name) street.

Shaun and Liela smile at each other. Liela does an excited surpise gesture and grabs Shauns arms. Shaun grabs Lielas arms.

INT. FIRE AND TEARS 3: Apt – afternoon

Shaun and Liela have found their way into the apartment.

Shaun and Liela make it to Prophetess Zooshadas door.

As Shaun knocks on the door it opens.

Shaun and Liela look at each other. Shaun proceeds in slowly.

The televison is on a coverage of the supposed Messiah.

A tea kettle can be heard boiling over.

Liela bumps into Shaun from behind.




Shaun continues looking around.

Shaun sees pictures of the prophetess in her new youth. Pictures of the current Messiah with an X crossed over them in red marker.

Scripture writings of the beast and false prophet are scrawled against the wall and the words..”the end has come.”



Shaun continues looking around.

On the floor there are newspaper clippings.

On the table there are several bibles opened to scripture referring to the apocalypse.


Prophetess Zooshada?



Maybe she’s not here Shaun.. we probably should get going..


We’re here to talk about..the Messiah.. If I could just ask…

Dishes are heard rattling in the kitchen. A dish breaks and then..coughing.

Shauns eyebrows fix to curious/anger.

Shaun extends his arms behind him protecting Liela as he steps forward.


(a sick voice)

Don’t come any closer Shaun.. and…for the Love of God..don’t call that deciever the Messiah.

Liela was about to let out a scream but quickly covers her mouth.


That goes for you too Liela. Please..the both of you..have a seat.. in the TV room. I’m just finishing up this cup of tea.

Shaun and Liela walk to the TV room and have a seat.


You can turn off that nonsense if you wish. He’s not here.. not yet anyway.

Liela looks scared at Shaun. Shaun turns off the tv and mouths the words “it’ll be OK”.


You come asking about him..because one of you has seen him. One of you has begun to unviel the truth of our world.

Prophetess Zooshada coughs.


(stirring tea)

Perhaps in another world..another dimension..those little bastards didn’t exist. If only this were some sort of movie and it was a badly scripted attempt at adding religion with scientific what ifs…pffttttt… Messiah.

Prophetess Zooshada coughs.


It’d make one hell of a movie I’ll tell you that…but sadly…

Prophetess Zooshada steps into the camera view.

Prophetess Zooshada is old.


There won’t even be enough time for a commercial of such nature now would there be?

Prophetess Zooshada does more coughing.


what happened to –


Just be quiet and listen. I’m sure you didn’t come all this way to hear yourself talk. I know what you seek.. and have it you will.  And you..Liela..Turn on your recorder…

Shaun looks to Liela. He nods to her and she nods back. Liela pulls out a cellphone and presses record.


That False Messiah is a ruthless lying Alien among our people!

Shaun and Liela become disturbed but continue listening.


They aren’t all the same…the aliens. They were once a peaceful nation. God had his angels watch over them while they learnt His laws. They all thrived in visions and were powerful prophets who accepted God. As powerful as they were Jesus Christ was and still is the most powerful prophet of us all. They love strongly in their society. Even if its through prophecy and must wait to meet they will love that partner forever. They do not ever date! Never losing sight of their destined love..ever. Just looking at another with an eye of lust or interest is a great offense to them and they react rather strongly.

Shaun looks down and away trying to figure something out.

Liela notices..swallows and focuses on Prophetess Zooshada.


Our careless habits are beneath their near to perfect ways. Many assumed it was just about our intellect as to why “life in the great myserious galaxy” never encountered us. No..these beings feel. But then..there came a tide among them. Some believing that our ways were too destructive and that the most powerful prophet should have been born as one of them. That we mocked heaven and our freedom into the face of God. We took for granted a system that forgives and turned it into a system of our souls bliss. So they..a band of them…went to search for more reasons to finally condemn us.

Prophetess Zooshada begins to cough.


(stands up)



Sit down, sit down!

Shaun sits back down.


(long sigh)

So they disregarded their laws and left Gods hedge to come to earth on a mission to rid the universe of our sin. They visited the nile..and yes..those pyramids were already there….they visited gethesmane..they visited the tomb and then it happened…

Liela becomes frightened.


They discovered demons.

Liela lets out a crying shock covering her mouth with her hands.


They listened to their demonic lies. They agreed that this world deserved to perish of its sin and in return the aliens will get to rule if they sold out on God.


Are you saying that aliens-


Be quiet boy! Demons had already plagued this world! It is no aliens fault but the fault of our own kind which gives them strength. Satan has a way of drawing evil to him..even from the farthest regions of the universe it seems. And soon they heard rumor of a key. One that can not only see between heaven and earth. But can unlock it. You see..the Anti-Christ. He’s the other key…the key to the abyss.


So This Key to the abyss.. I mean.. what are we supposed to do about it now?


The Key to the abyss must be destroyed….as powerful as it is still mortal..born on this very planet. But..the choice belongs to the Key of heaven.


I don’t understand?


That drug “Soul Bliss” was a cursed instrument used to bring in his demonic underworld.


But why a drug..that doesn’t make sense?


Oh? and what does make sense boy? Possessing random people at will and exposing the end of time? Making it such a spectacle that everyone will pray and honor God and collaborate to defeat it? Or..using the worlds weaknesses against itself..and systematically influencing wars..hatred and poverty? To only then rise after such great deception as the peoples savior?


Then why did you help him! Scripture tells us about the beast and the false prophet Zooshada. Why tell us this now after condemning your people to trust him!?


Help him? As a young girl I was told about a time where someone will come and I would have to choose..

Prophetess Zooshada stands up.


..we all have to make choices. To protect our loved protect this protect our faith in God. And if I had not made my choice become the bearer of false truth.. and if the Anti-Christ would rather go on possessing people otherwise..then who my dear..just who would the Heavens Key have to inform them of these things?


And just who is Heavens Key? Why isn’t it doing something?


We both know very well who the Key is…Liela.

Prophetess Zooshada begins to move newspapers and kneels in prayer.


The said the Key would have to make a choice..what’s that choice?


If the Anti-Christ is left to live on this earth he will continue to possess man of demons. Destroying souls and their chance at redemption..forever. He will do this for a very long time and eventually..when the time is right..turn on society and rule as their new leader in Satans name. But if the Key of Heaven made a choice to kill him…He will free the people and restore the opportunity for redemption..


Then that’s it! All the Key has to do is kill the Anti-Christ!


In order to unlock the abyss..the key must be killed first. The key naturally wouldn’t destroy himself of course..for failure is greatly punishable for much of eternity where he comes from. And you know what happens then?

Liela and Shaun remain silent.


The apocalypse.

A fire alarm is heard out in the apartment hall.


Do not worry..niether of you two shall die today…But..once you leave this place..your all things that you love.. that could die..we all have choices..Go now and remember this!

Smoke is building.


(running over to prophetess)

Come on! We can still get you out of here!


Dear boy.. I’m holding them back. If you don’t hurry all this would have been for go!

Shaun stares at the prophetess and then nods. He makes his way to the door. Liela follows.


And you..Liela.

Liela stops and turns to listen.


You should know what is forbidden…make the right choice.

Liela shakes her head in confusion and leaves out with Shaun.

Shaun and Liela are in a hall that is filled with smoke..they turn behind them and see a man walking in the smoke.

The man has a molotov in his hand and is smiling. His eyes are also covered in pitch black.


Come on..back up this way!

Shaun leads Liela to the other end of the hall where the stair well is. They are walking backwards.

Outside the building Mr. Paschar is with the fire department escorting people out of the lobby.

Mr. Paschar leaves the building and his fire chief begins to talk to him as he tries to go back in.


But sir there are still people in there!


Look Paschar.. it’s too dangerous right now..I’m not sending anyone else in there.

Mr. Paschar stares upward at the building.

A hand comes into view of the camera and a small knife drops down. (Marcus’ knife)

Back in the building the man with the molotov is walking forward.

Molotov Man

You myyyyy grasp! Whatasurprise…

His head twitches and he pats the molotov on his leg.


burn and feel our hate. Our hate has burned for soooooo LONG!

The molotov man raises his hand to throw it but a voice is heard from prophetess zooshadas room.


That is quite enough…demon. Walk this way in the name of my true lord and savior Jesus Christ. Obey the order of a servant in the light!

Molotov man has been frozen stuck and cannot move. He is then seen walking into prophetess zooshadas room.


You traitor! You treacherous traitor! He will have you punished and destroyed for this!


So be it Demon! We shall see which of the two will truly be punished! Shaun if you can hear me this one last time..that woman..she loves her………………. God give me strength! Release thy weapon!

Liela tries to run to the room but Shaun holds her back.

Liela is crying and fighting too get to the room.

A fire blazes from the apartment.

Shaun and Liela have stopped struggling and can only stare.


Lets go Liela..Lets go now!

Shaun and Liela are making their way down the steps.

As Shaun and Liela almost make it down they see 2 men in black smiling.

The same 2 men that Shaun saw at the party.

Shaun tries to back Liela up the stairs.


Shaun..just what’s going on ..who are these people?


Just walk back slowly Liela…

Shaun tests a door to see if its hot.

Shaun enters into the door..Liela and Shaun are coughing.

The 2 men in black appear from the door way.

One of the 2 men in black cracks his neck and puts his hand on the wall.

Liela and Shaun stop and watch. The man begins to crawl on the side of the wall. Scrurrying towards them.

The door behind Shaun opens and Marcus is standing there with his small knife staring angrily.

Shaun and Liela notice.

Liela puts her hands to her mouth.

Marcus begins to run at them.

As the man is still scurrying across the wall, Marcus whips his knife in the air turning it into a sword.

The Man on the wall leaps at Shaun and Liela.

Marcus takes a step on the wall and pierces the man in the chest. They both go flying back in the opposite direction.

The man in black is dead and Marcus is poised over him.

The other man in black is watching unmoved. He gestures for Marcus to get up.

Marcus gets up.


You two..get out.

The man Marcus pierced reawakens and stands up very quickly.

Marcus swings backwards but the man ducks.

The other man in black approaches but Marcus swiftly turns and swings at him downward.

The two men in black begin to laugh.

The voice

(speaking in Shauns head)

Take Liela and get out Shaun. Get out now.

Shaun shakes his head and grabs Liela to the exit.

Marcus is shown being slammed into the wall. Breaking large amounts and setting off loud slams.

One of the men notices Shaun leaving and tries to maneuver around Marcus. Marcus manages to stop him.


Keep going Shaun!

Shaun is going down the stairs with Liela. A man in black suddenly hops over the rail right in front of them.


All this fire, smoke and running.. Why do you dare bother? The nerve of your kind!

The man in black slams his fist into the wall.

Shaun and Liela are backed into another hallway.

Fire has begun to rise and the only exit is behind them.

The man in black turns to Liela.


If you come with us now…and join us..we will be certain not to harm you.

Liela looks frightened at his words.

The man in black opens up a vortex in the wall. He extends his hand.


Come..join us.

Mr. Paschar comes from behind the man in black and puts his left arm around his throat while twisting the man in blacks arm.


Shaun! … (struggles) Shaun! You get out of here now! You hear me! Get out now! Take my son and get out of here!



Shaun runs forward.


No Shaun! Get going!

Fire blazes in the hallway.

The man in black is looking very serious now. Standing still. He slowly raises his arm and clasps it on Mr. Paschars left arm.

A snapping noise is heard as his grip alone breaks the left arm.

Mr. Paschar quickly lets go of the twisted arm and wraps his rightarm around the neck as his left arm is crushed.

Mr. Paschar looks at his son and then looks back at the vortex.

Shaun shakes his head no.


Just know that everything is in God’s plan son.

The man in black becomes angered at the sound of God. He crushes Mr. Paschar left arm more and shouts in anger.


We love you son. And we’re so proud of you!

Shauns father cries out in agony just before falling with the man in black into the vortex.

The vortex closes.

Shaun screams in tears and reaches out for his father but it’s too late. Liela is in tears but is grabbing Shaun by his arm. They manage to escape the burning building.

ext. beginning of the end: street – night

(Slow motion)

Shaun and Liela are seen walking past firefighters and pedestrians.

Police officers escort them out of the way as firefighters run in.

Shaun can see a cop asking if they found the guy with the knife who killed the firefighting chief yet.

Shaun turns back in tears and looks at the burning building. Liela comes into the scene and wraps her arms around his waist.

Shauns phone rings and it’s Kevin.

Shaun walks off the scene talking to him.

(Slow motion ends)

int. beginning of the end 2: Shauns house – night

Shaun is seen exiting a cab with Liela. As he walks up the driveway his neighbor peeps through the window and comes running out.


Oh my God! Shaun! What happened to you?

Shaun and Liela are still covered in dirt from the smoke and fire.

They are all inside Shauns house in the living room.

The neighbor is standing with her head down at the hallway.

Mrs. Paschar comes in through the door worried.


Wheres Shaun?


He’s in there..he’s..

Mrs. Paschar touches her friends shoulder and walks over to Shaun.

Shaun embraces Mrs. Paschar.

Liela puts her hand on Shauns back and is crying.

Lielas phone rings and it’s Samantha on the line.

Liela excuses herself to the other end of the hall.

Mrs. Paschar gets up to sit beside Shaun and they are both mourning.


(sniff)’s his dad…he’s gone. We ..We went to see prophetess Zooshada about some dreams..and well… There was a fire.

As Liela mentions Prophetess Zooshada..the neighbor raises her head.

The neighbor looks at Shaun and then at Liela as she fixes herself to full composure.

Liela is seen talking on one side of the room.

The neighbor begins to twitch her head and cracking noises are heard from her body as she walks towards Shaun.


Ok..see you soon. (hangs up) Shaun.. That was Samantha. she and Kevin are…….on their way..?

Liela sees the nieghbor twitching and becoming angry.

The neighbor flips over a table and Shaun and Mrs. Paschar stand up immediately.


You two up the stairs now!


I’m not leaving you mom!



Shaun refuses to leave. He stares at the neighbor who isn’t looking at Shaun but staring at Mrs. Paschar.

Shaun looks around the room and finds a heavy object to throw at the neighbor. The object connects and throws the neighbor off for a moment. This gives Shaun enough time to grab Mrs. Paschar by the arm and run up the stairs with Liela.

The neighbors jaw is broken.

Shaun is upstairs with Liela and Mrs. Paschar. They make it to Shauns room and lock the door.

Shauns phone starts to ring, it’s Angie.


Hello? everything alright?


Angie! something..weird is going on right dad…my dad is dead and my neighbor..

The phone disconnects.


Hello? HELLO!?

Mrs. Paschar is looking around the room and spots the window.



Shaun looks at his mom and then at Liela..they are staring at Shaun.

Mrs. Paschar walks quickly over to Shaun and grabs his face.


Now you listen to me Shaun! You be strong..stronger than you’ve ever been! We’re getting out of here..we’ll be OK alright son?

Shaun shakes his head yes.

A fist breaks through the door and Liela screams.

Mrs. Paschar lets go of Shauns face.


Shaun she’s coming!

Mrs. Paschar moves to the window and opens it.

The window has a ledge that can be walked on towards the driveway for a safe drop down.


You two..get out first.


I’m not leaving you mom!


Shaun I’ll be right behind you! Now please Just do what I say and take Liela out of here!

Shaun looks at Liela. Liela nods her head and they leave out the window. Once down on the driveway Shaun looks to see if his mom were making her way out. Kevin and Samtnah are seen running down the street and meet up with Liela. Mrs. Paschar looks out the window.

Mrs. Paschar

(mouthing the words)

I love you.

Shaun watches Mrs. Paschar close the window as the neighbor is seen behind her. The neighbor grabs her by the neck and throws her across the room and proceeds to where she landed.



Shaun looks at the house door and is about to run to it.


(in Shauns mind)

Shaun! Don’t! Don’t do it Shaun! Please you have to go to the hospital. Go to the place where you were born..go now.

Shaun grabs his head in slight pain.


(talking out loud)

This doesn’t make any sense! Who are you!  WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU!



Liela, Kevin and Samantha run over.


shaun whats going on?


Speak to us man..what is it?

The pain has stopped.

Shaun is looking back at his room window.

The lights have been knocked out. And it is silent.


This voice..the voice that has helped me with my’s no longer in my dreams. I can hear says to go to the hospital.

Just then the window breaks and the neighbor screams.

Everyone is now staring at the window in shock and fear.


(grabbing shauns arm)

Come on shaun we’re going right now!


But my mom!


Shaun! it’s too late! lets go!

Shaun stares at the window and the neighbor jumps out screaming towards Shaun.

it goes black.


Shaun is laying on a hospital bed.

He is in a bright room and is a little out of it.

Shaun sees a tv news broadcast showing his city and the rest of the world. Fires, earthquakes and wars breaking out.

The news broadcaster is asking where the messiah is?

Shaun looks over and Sees Liela laying next to him.

Shaun gets up and calls out to Liela.. He wakes her up.

SHAUN alright?


(getting up)

yeah.. I must’ve dosed off..I guess it’s just been a lot to handle all in one day for me.


What happened? Why are we in the hospital?


After that Lady attacked were.. We thought she killed you. But then he shown up. Liela looks over to the room.

Marcus is standing outside the room. He is leaning on a desk. The hospital floor they are in is completely evacuated.


He used that sword thing of his and stopped that thing. He told us to follow him as he brought you are. And he’s just been standing there since I guess.


What about Samantha?


He knew about the recorder and told her to bring it downtown to a newsreporter he said would be waiting. He also told her to trust noone and to stay put. The recording worked..but since the recording went viral this is whats been going on.

Shaun turns back to Liela.


It’s just as Prophetess Zooshada said Shaun. ..Demons.

Kevin walks into the room.


And Aliens!




The two friends greet.

Marcus then turns his head to the side and becomes angered.


They’re here…

Outside can be seen possesed people walking into the hospital building.

People are standing at a good distance watching in fear.

News recorders are recording the moments live.

Police officers are dirty..some bloody and bruised. they are protecting the people outside.

Vincent is standing on one side of the crowd.

Mrs. Pendagras can be seen on the other side. They are both scared and staring at the building.

A police officer shoots at one of the people going into the building and it’s disguise falls off.

For the first time an alien is shown.

The people begin to panic.. crying out in fear.

The alien laughs and continues to walk into the hospital.

Outside was being covered by the news and everyone inside saw the channel.

Shaun, Liela and Kevin become frightened.

Marcus stares with anger.



I..I can’t believe it.. Demons working with Aliens?


Get him ready.

Shaun looks at his friends who have serious looks on their faces.


Guys? What’s going on?

Kevin and Shaun look at each other angrily.

The scene cuts to Marcus walking down the hall.

Some people are walking in the hall towards him. Some are smiling and some are angry.

A few of the people begin to transform. They turn into Aliens.

They all run towards Marcus.

Marcus raises his sword and shuts his eyes.



I love you too…

Scene cuts to Shaun.

Shaun and Liela and Kevin are running down the  opposite hall.

Gary turns a corner right in front  of them with his arms out smiling.


Guys! How ya been?





Gary is somewhere else kid. But please..feel free to follow me and I’ll show you where ya can find him.


That’s enough Gary!



Come on Kev! Gimme a break here. You know.. I’ve gotta say…the problem with having a girlfriend…at a time like this..

An Alien brings Samantha out by the throat.


Is just a terrible situation just waiting to happen.


Let her go!

Gary opens a vortex. (Slow motion starts)


Whatever you say Kev.

The Alien throws Samantha into the vortex.

Liela screams. Shauns reaches out for her shouting.

Kevin is behind them with his head down.

Gary is seen laughing.

The vortex disappears.

The Alien crosses its arms and joins in the laugh.

Shaun puts his arms around Liela and begins to walk backwards.

Shaun bumps into Kevin and moves out of the way staring at him.

Kevin had balled his fist. He raises his head and his eyes begin to flash yellow repeatedly.. first from slow to fast patterns.

Gary and the alien stop laughing and become angry.

Kevins eyes become full yellow like the Aliens eyes.

Kevin takes his steps forward past Shaun and Liela.


(calm voice)

Take the stairs Liela and Shaun. Take them and go now.

Shaun is about to say Kevins name until he sees Kevin transform into an Alien right before his eyes.

Kevin gets into a fight with Gary and the other Alien.


Shaun..listen to him. He will be fine. Go now.

Shaun exits for the stairs with Liela.

Shaun is on the other floor with Liela.


What..What…just what the..whats going on..Kevin..he’s …Kevin’s a..

Shaun and Liela are stopped in the hallway by a man in black.

The man in black is smiling.


This…this is just …tough luck I guess?

Shaun puts an arm over Liela..

Talking and laughing can be heard from the other end of the hall.

The 3 nurses from the intro can be seen walking and talking.

nurse 2

So what did you tell him next then?

nurse 3

I told him if we’re to expand the hospitals success rate we need to employ more qualified nurses.

They all laugh.

nurse 1

oh! I’m sorry this floor is closed sir. Are you lost?

The 3 nurses pass by Shaun and Liela. Shaun looks at nurse 1 and she looks at shaun and winks.


Sir? Are You Lost?

The nurses are seen transforming into Aliens.


Shaun..please…I’m here. I’m on the floor beneath you… follow my voice..they will be fine.

The nurses are fighting the Demon. Shaun and Liela escape down the stairs again.

Shaun is walking fast holding Lielas hand and looking back.


Shaun! Where are we going Shaun?


Just trust me..we have to go this way..

(Slow motion)

Shaun turns a corner and there they are.

Their backs are turned and they are wearing rags.

Liela looks confused and is breathing heavy.

Both of the women turn around and look at Shaun. One of the women is younger. shes the one from Shauns dreams. She pulls back her hoody to reveal her beauty in a veil. She then looks to see Shaun holding Lielas hand and becomes angry. She walks over to Liela and her eyes flash yellow, her skin flashes that transparency of the aliens as she then grabs Liela by the throat and slams her against the wall.

(Slow Motion Ends)

Screaming with fierce anger




Angie..that is quite enough.

Shauns eyes widen as he stares at the beautiful girl that has Liela by the throat and off her feet.

Angie looks angrily at Shaun and then angrily back at Liela. She lets Liela go. Liela begins to cough.

Angie does not budge but stares at Liela as she is on the ground coughing.


How dare you!? You have no right!

Liela is still coughing.




Stay back Shaun..She’s dangerous.

Angies eyes flash more yellow..




You’d have to excuse Angie! It was a long …road trip. She’s tired. Ain’t that right Angie?

Liela has risen to her feet and is staring at Angie angrily. Angie is staring back and breathing heavily.

Angie closes her eyes and the yellow disappears. Angie calms down and returns to her mothers side. She is still visibly upset.


Well then. Right this way shall we?

Ms. Basquali and Angie walk down the hall..Shaun follows after checking up on Liela. Liela follows after Shaun.

As they walk the hospital is empty but in much ruin.


Please..can you tell me what’s going on?

Ms. Basquali and Angie continue walking.



Please! Please just tell me what this is all about?

The two stop and look at each other. Angie turns to look at Shaun and becomes angry once she looks at Liela.



Her eyes flash yellow. Ms. Basquali moves very fast in front of Angie and stands between her and Liela.

Liela is seen looking very angry with her hands in fists.


Now is definitely not the time ladies. Shaun.. we thought..especially with..well you know..her there..that you’d know..



Shaun turns to Liela…


We thought surely she would have told you by now..after everything that has happened. You see Shaun…




What your friend Liela refused to tell you all this time is that what the anti-christ is after in fact …you.



Stop it!


What? you aren’t making sense..


Oh come on now Shaun! You’ve seen him in your boy..he doesn’t know for certain thats why he hasn’t struck..but I can tell you this Shaun….you are Heavens Key. I can see it in your eyes..magnificent.


That’s enough! Stop that now!


Or else what?


Do you have any idea what you’ve just done? What could happen because of your impatience!?


Liela..Just what ..what are you talking about?

Angie and Ms. Basquali look shocked at each other.


Shaun….take a good look at your friend.

Liela is shaking her head no then lowers it for a few secons. She raises her head and looks at Shaun with tears.


That girl my boy…she’s not one of you…nor one of us…she’s…

The cieling breaks behind.

Kevin is laying flat on the floor.

Gary is over Kevin with his hand over his neck.


Oh! Theres my Key… I thought I lost it!


Now look what you’ve done.

Angie is seen staring at Kevin. She attacks Gary and knocks him down the hall.

Angie kneels down and helps up Kevin.


Hey sis….long time no see. Hey mom..

Ms. Basquali smiles at her son.

Shaun is stunned.

Ms. Basquali looks with her eys and signals for every one to move into a bigger hall. As they move the man in black is seen walking out of the stairway door dragging a nuse by her hair. He is smiling.

The other side of the ceiling that Gary dropped from breaks and Marcus is there laying unconcious beside his sword. standing over him is the other man in black.

The 2 men in black and Gary begin to walk over to the group of survivors. Aliens and demons follow behind.

Shaun is behind everyone. Liela is standing in front of Shaun.

Angie and Ms. Basquali take a stance. The 2 men in black and Gary run towards them.

Angie and Ms. Basquali are holding those 3 off. They are trying to get to Shaun. They begin to move extremely fast.

The Aliens and the demons begin to run past the fight and twoards shaun and Liela.

Shaun grabs Lielas arm to run but she does not.

Liela turns around and looks at Shaun. Her eyes are bright blue.


(heavenly voice)

It’s time..

The camera shows Marcus opening his eyes fast and they are blue. He picks himself up.

Liela turns back around to face the Aliens and Demons charging at her and Shaun.

Wings burst from her back and Armor begins to cover the body.

The camera shows the same happening to Marcus.

Liela moves extremely fast and swiftly defeating the oncoming horde.

Marcus winds up a punch in slow motion and leans back heavily he then strikes very hard into Garys face (slow motion ends)

Gary is seen flying and being broken down the hall and finally landing through a wall.

Angie defeats one of the men in black and he lay lifeless.

The other man in black sees the defeat and backs away.

The scene cuts to Kevin walking over to Gary.

Kevin stares down at Gary.


For Samantha..

Kevin kills Gary.

Kevin rejoins Ms. Basquali and Angie.

Shaun watches as Liela and Marcus stand side by side in Armor staring angrily at the Basqauli’s. The Basqauli’s are staring angrily back.

Marcus turns his head down the hall.

Clapping can be heard.

The man in white turns the corner.

Marcus runs to Shaun and grabs Him.



Marcus takes off into the ceiling. Smashing through floors until he reaches the roof.

Demons and Aliens are surrounding the roof. Liela flies through right after.

The Basqualis leap from side to side in the borken holes edges until they reach the top.

The camera circles the group as they are surrounded.

Marcus draws his swaord again.

Liela jumps and then pounds the floor. A flash occurs and a hammer appears.

Marcus and Liela Move very quickly defeating aliens and demons.

The Basqaulis stay by Shaun protecting him as demons and aliens attack.

People on the street begin to gather from the ground as all the aliens and demons crawl up the side of the building.

The man in white opens the roof top door and walks calmly into the scene.

Kevin looks at him and then at Shaun.

Kevin salutes Shaun before running off to deal with the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ is way too fast. Blocking and striking at alarming rate.

Kevin is quickly defeated and left to lay still on the floor.

Marcus sees this and goes over to the Anti-Christ. The anti0christ moves even swiftly and manages to knock Marcus off the roofttop and spiraling down into the street.

When Marcus lands..People are screaming and in shock. They can’t believe their eyes that an angel lay in front of them.

Marcus is not Dead but merely breathing heavily with his eyes closed.

Liela is flying in the air and notices that Marcus was knocked off.

Liela becomes angry and lands back on the roof calmly.

The man in white raises His hand calmly at the aliens and demons.

They all become settled down.


Give us the boy..


Don’t you dare come near him!


Oh? That’s right..the voice. You love this boy do you not?


That’ll be enough out of you traitor.


Oh? very well then.. Liela ..Do you approve of this woman…Taking the love of your…mortal life..away from you? Don’t you think you deserve a love…to make your own ….choices?

Angie becomes very mad at this speech and takes a step forward. Ms. Basqauli stands in front of her.


If you join me Liela…and help me..we shall harm niether you or the key. You shall be free to love in anyway..anywhere choose. together.

Liela stares angrily at the Anti-Christ.


Or is it that she should take what rightfully belongs to you anyway?

Liela looks down to the floor and lowers her weapon.



Angie is very mad and lunges for Liela.

Liela and Angie are fighting for a brief moment.


You do not want that choice. You do not have trust in our God. Do not come between….me..and my love…

Angies eyes begin to tear. Liela is looking at Angie unmoved emotionally.

Liela easily throws Angie off and watches her land on the roof top floor.


I am no longer in mortal form…Angie. It is not wise of you to speak to me in such manner.

Angie looks up from the floor angrily at Liela. Liela turns to look at Shaun.


It is true..I’ve loved you since the day you were born. Have you.. forgotten…?

A flash back of the girl leaving the hospital with her dad. Once the little girl is outside the dad disappears. The girls eyes turn blue.

Flash back ends.


I loved you in my task as Gaurdian and protector. Then as friend. It was my mortal form which began to develop such emotions..such emotions that are restricted from our kind. But…

Turns to the Anti-Christ. And points her hammer.


I know my place you foul demon. And I am much rather content to love him the way God intended.

The Anti-Christ yells at Liela and makes a run for Shaun.


Ms. Basqauli Steps in his way to fight but gets knocked down badly.

Angie and Liela are fighting side by side against the anti-christ.

Shaun has run over to Ms. Basquali she is now back in human form and very injured.

Kevin still lay unconcious.

Aliens and demons begin to crawl closer to Shaun.

Ms. Basquali must release your gift..For He is on his way.. and you must be ready. He needs us all ready..for the time of end is coming Shaun.

The anti -christ knocks Liela through the roof and she falls down many floors.

Angie is left standing against him.

The Aliens and demons are all hollering and hooting with laughter.

Angie turns to look at shaun one last time.

Shaun begins to rise

MS. BASQUALI need to watch.

Angie nods her head at Shaun. She begins to run at the Anti-Christ.


Look at her Shaun..Look at my daughter.

Camera shows Angie running towards the anti-christ.


She is of royalty Shaun.. a high priestess of the prophetic order.

Camera shows Angie studying the bible.


She studied day and night since the day she received that vision. She she never stopped loving for you since. She wanted to be ready for you Shaun.

Camera shows Angie fighting with the anti-christ.


Can you see it Shaun? The day at the hospital. Think back to the moment you were born.

Camera shows the Paschars holding a baby Shaun and the 3 in rags.


Look deeply in your heart Shaun.

Camera swings around to the smallest one in rags holding the bible. It’s Angie.


At one years of age Shaun..our babies are able to walk, talk, pray and see visions. She was always there for you Shaun.

Camera shows Dr.Verdel outside holding the nurse as the other nurse comes into the scene. The small one in rags walks into view.

As Dr. Verdel turns his attention to her, the nurse walking closer breaks his neck.


Shaun! You look at her! Your princess who fights for you! Who protected you in your dreams! Who day and night prayed over you..who was always there when you needed someone! You look at her Shaun!

Shauns eyes begin to tear.


She loves our God..She loves our Lord. And she loves you Shaun. And must you forget the sacrifices of everyone else who loves you?

Shauns eyes widen as he remembers.


Your best friend..her brother…my son? Henny? Prophetess Zooshada? Your Father? Marcus? Liela? Your Mother?

Camera shows the Anti-Christ holding Angie by the neck. He opens a vortex.


And now the woman who has loved about to die….(sobs)

Shaun tightly shuts his eyes.

Shaun stands and as he looks up his eyes are blue.


..there we go.

Shaun Charges through the aliens and demons. He is knocking them out of his way with immense strength.

The Anti-Christ pulls Angie in as he begins to hunch and bend his knees.

The Anti-Christ then throws Angie into the vortex and knocks Shaun back with his other arm.

Shaun goes flying across the roof.

The vortex closes.

Camera shows Ms. basquali shedding a tear. Kevin is now leaning on his arm and is crying.


So be it.

(Slow motion Ends)

Dark clouds begin to form in the sky..thunder and lightening begin to form.


Shaun..join me.

Shaun rises and runs at the Anti-Christ.

(Slow motion)

Shaun leaps in the air..he poises his two fists backwards as his legs curl back readying for a heavy two fist slam.

As he nears, the Anti-Christ smiles.

(Slow motion ends)

The Anti-Christ strikes Shaun over the edge of the roof.

Shaun is sent flying downwards to the street.

Marcus opens his eyes quickly. He jumps to his feet and flies upward to collide into shaun for a safer landing.

They hit and crush a car and Shaun is laying on the floor coughing. Marcus is getting from the car.

Part of the hospital wall breaks and Liela glides over to Marcus and Shaun.

Shaun gets up and turns around.

The people on the street are in shock and looking up.

The Anti-Christ has lept down to the ground floor with aliens and demons.

The Anti-Christ begins to change his form..He turns into an Alien.

His eyes go black instead of yellow.

Shauns eyes remain blue.


Come then Shaun..shall we finish this?


Yes..lets finish this.

Shaun turns to see his mom emerge from the crowd.



Mrs. Paschar walks by Shaun. She stops in front of shaun and looks him in the eyes.


No..they couldn’t have gotten to you too?

Mrs. Paschar lowers her head down…


Unfortunately son…they did.

The man in white laughs and the aliens and demons cheer and laugh.

Mrs. Paschar raises her head and her eyes are blue.


But not in a way that they should think…

Mrs. Paschar turns around and as She does she tranforms into glowing armor and wings burst from her back. She raises her hand in the air and a sword becomes visible.


Lets let the entire cat out of the bag shall we..?

Mrs. Pendagras walks forward and is immediately transformed into armor and bursts with wings.

(Slow motion begins)

The Aliens and Demons are all over the city and begin to charge at them.

The angels run towards the danger.

The aliens and demons have begun to close in on Mrs. Paschar who is ahead running ahead of them all.

Aliens and demons are leaping in the air just nearing the pounce.

Ms. Basqauli drops out from the sky and slams the aliens and demons in a huge wave sending them, cars and glass flying everywhere.

Mrs. Paschar leaps over her and strickes the Anti-Christ sending him flying back into the hospital.

An epic battle between the angels emerges.

Shaun is being protected by Kevin who has also dropped down and is fighting with great intensity.

Shaun is struck down and things begin to get blurry. People in the street are running all over the place.

the voice

Shaun..I’m here..please..listen to me..I’m here. Call upon Him Shaun.. He wants you to call on His name.

A tear trickles down Shauns face.


Angie I…

Shauns eyes open slowly. The aliens and demons have begun to stop fighting. and look around.

The Anti-Christ steps from the rubble at the hospital and looks directly at Shaun.

Shaun begins to stand.

The Anti-Christ starts to look around in fear.

Shaun looks down and closes his eyes. He nods and raises his head.


Thank you Lord.

Shaun begins to glow all over.

Kevin is stunned.

The Angels watch with serious looks on their faces.

Shaun looks up into the Sky and a small break in the storm shows light.

Wings break from Shauns back and armor begins to define his body.

When Shaun looks down the angels turn and look at the Anti-Christ.

The Angels continue their assualt against the aliens and demons.

Shaun and Kevin run side by side.

Kevin leaps to tackle a demon from striking Shaun.

Shaun continues forward.

Shaun and the Anti-Christ clash.

The Anti-Christ and Shaun are in a tremendous battle.

The battle has neared its end and the anti-christ has Shaun pinned against a building.

Shaun stares in immense anger at the anti-christ. He knocks him down with a strong blow.

The words of Prophetess Zooshada begin to flow into his mind.


(in shauns mind)

The time will come..when the Key must make a choice.

(Slow motion stops)

Shaun takes a step towards the anti-christ and stops.

Shaun turns to take flight away from the battle.


It is not my destiny to destroy you. It is our Lords.

Shaun takes off into the sky.

The anti-christ rises and begans to laugh.

Shaun is then seen dropping from the sky with a sword and slams it into the anti-christ. Destorying the ground and sending everything near flying.

The anti-christ has a shock on his face.

Shaun is unmoved.

Shaun stands above the anti-christ who is dead.


And in order for him to do must show your true form.

The angels regroup with Shaun.



Shaun stares at Kevin.


Samantha and Angie..they still live. The vortex…it is being ripped into this existence. Henny is protecting them..She still lives..and fights with a hidden strength unvieled..beyond our measure.

Marcus steps one foot forward.


And My mortal father…

Mrs. Paschar looks to Shaun.


I see him. In his true form fighting along side Henny. An angel of great strength.. Waiting…for us to join them and prepare..for Christs return.


So..His plan was to have the souls gathered…


(bows his head down)

And the key wasnot meant for the anti-christ to get into heaven. But for us to escape hell. Just have faith..A tear that sparkles drops from Marcus’ eys.

The sky begins to thunder and clap. Angels descend from the sky downward in a beautiful light..hundreds upon thousands upon millions. They are big and strong and show signs of great power. Some of the Angels are on winged horses.


It is beginning.

The ground begins to shake. Buildings begin to burst.

A dark abyss opens from the ground and horrible shrieking can be heard. The Anti-Christ is no longer an alien but in demonic form. rising from the ground.

The demon rises and the aliens among the possesed gather by him.


(speaking in his mind)

People of this world..look from my eyes and see what is to come. You are to choose now and let it remain loyal forever the one whom you serve. Bow in the name of God and repent or turn from the light and perish among the rest of these demons.

The Anti-Christ lets out a gruesome houl.


Your small army cannot contend with God’s!

An Angel from the sky..with a helmet and in diferrent framed armor levitates in front of Shaun. staring strictly at the anti-christ.

The angels all say in unison ” Arch angel!”


(Deep, strong heavenly voice)

Show your strength.

The Anti-Christs eyes widen and lets out a howl. Demons emerge from the ground.

Shaun stands in front of Ms. Basquali

As the demons climb out from the abyss.

Winged creatures fly from the depths of the abyss.

The fallen Angels. By the hundreds..thousands and millions.



The arch angel calmly flys upward and joins the rest of the angelic army.

Fallen angel

Brother….how long has it been that I have seen your face?


My brothers are those in Christ whom serve our Mighty God.

The sky erupts with a war cry and buildings burst apart. The ground ruptures in fragments.

The Anti-Christ fans his dark wings and joins them all in the sky.

Shaun looks at the abyss. Mrs. Paschar looks at Shaun.


Have faith. He is coming to free them. we must make way for his arrival.

Shaun jumps into the Abyss. and says in his mind. “Angie..hold on”.

Kevin and Ms. Basquali Are about to run but Mrs. Pendagras stops them.


No. We will bring them back. Your journey is not there and neither is mine. I will take you somewhere safe, for your sacrifices are known and your love for our Lord and son is also known.

Ms. Basquali nods her head as they watch the rest of the angels go down into the abyss.

Camera cuts to the angels in the sky facing off with the fallen angels.

Camera cuts to Mrs. Pendagras on the street with Ms. Basquali and Kevin being surrounded by Aliens and Demons.

Camera shows Shaun, Liela, Marcus and Mrs. Paschar fighting their way to Angie, Henny, Samantha and Mr. Paschar.

Camera Shows Henny and Mr. Paschar protecting Angie and Samantha.

Camera Shows Samantha watching in terror as Angie fights off demons.

Camera shows the abyss filled with an endless wave of demons and fallen angels flying around.

Camera now shows a cloudy area..away from the noise..silent and peaceful. An angel begins to speak.

As the angel speaks a very brightly lit sandal footed man is walking across the clouded floor.

The Angel

They have made known sacrifices to prepare for your coming. Prophetess Zooshada chose to serve as the false prophet to the blind sheep. Angie has chosen to protect her love and prepare for your way in the abyss. Henny and Marcus have fallen in love..and Henny took Marcus’ place into the abyss. You were wise to make her the strongest of the two. And Marcus – so eager to protect the boy he was present at the day of his birth. he emerged from the elevator ready to do battle at the day of Shauns birth.  Mr. Paschar, Mrs. Paschar and Ms. Basqauli each pretending to be casual  humans..though experienced fear because of their mortal state..proved to be loyal. The one called Kevin..protecting his sisters heart and choosing to stand out in public as a bestfriend. Falling in love with a human who he knew would be taken to the abyss and not interfering. Mrs. Pendagras..spending all those years teaching your word as the only angel in the facility. To never reveal herself nor speak with any other until the governed time. Liela being the other angel disguised at Shauns birth. Growing to love him as they grew older together. Her envy grew knowing that she could never love nor marry Shaun the way she yearned for in her mortal form. She truly shared his pain and shown us how her heart ached when we told her she could not fight and protect his father or mother on each occasion. Ms. Basquali.. knowing that the boy would be haunted for most of his life..dedicated hers..spending restless nights and days in spiritual prayer ..fending off the demons taunts with her telepathy alongside Angie. And Shaun.. All these years of neglect..hatred and rejection. Not a single line of hatred for them or for God’s kingdom. He jumps into the abyss..not knowing the future outcome of his decision for the one he loves. And Samantha.. A human thrusted into the abyss with all of the other humans and because of her fragile nature is more than likely succumbed to the torterous tauntings. Though protected..and physically unharmed..her heart grows weary. What is your order my Lord? ..yes..I agree my Lord..Bring him his sword!

A hand taps the shoulder of the angel that was speaking. A man in glowing white and robes is seen walking past him.

Camera shows Shaun and company have joined up with the rest. Mrs. Paschar has her hand over Samanthas head and Samantha is much calmer.

Camera shows the spirits in the abyss fighting the demons and fallen angels..though they are not strong enough they have many in number.

Camera shows people on the street staring at each group for the angels another for the demons.

Camera shows the angels facing off with the fallen angels. battle has not started yet. The sky opens. And Magnificent angels in glowing white appear. The man in glowing white robes is holding a sword.

Camera goes black.

Camera reopens and is flying down the abyss hole.

It passes the spirits fighting demons.

It also passes Shaun and company fighting.

The camera travels deep into the abyss until it becomes errily dark and silent.

Camera shows a chained horned dragons eye open on the screen.

Camera goes black and credits begin to roll.