ATU is about angels, demons and aliens in a world headed for the apocalypse. With in depth characters and mystery filled plot lines this series is not one to miss.

Apokalypse The Unveiling: The Key

Shaun discovers he is not ordinary after an accident occurs in the school lunch room. As he wrestles with being a loner and having a bully frustrate his days he makes friends with Liela and the new kid, Kevin. As Shaun begins to unfold the mystery surrounding his life, he and his friends are then placed into a war between heaven and hell.


Apokalypse The Unveiling 2: The Link

Kyle is a special mortal who can see angels and demons through their hidden form. He and his friend Darius start a quest to search for the key to find some answers. During their quest they are faced off with relentless fallen angels and demons determined to bring Kyle back with them to hell.


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