I met a man today while I was out whom decided to say hi to me at random. I said hi back which then led into conversation. The conversation then led into that man telling me about the issues surrounding his relationship while also adding at his concern that he was a muslim. I don’t know why he decided I was worth the amount of information that he gave but I digress. He said he and his wife would get into arguments lately and that he would tell her to “F off.” My response to this man was simple. Instead of letting negative emotions control you.. be stronger and stay positive. Find a compromise within the difficulties you are both going through and try your best, not your hardest but your best at making things work for the both of you. In the end if things don’t go the way you hoped for you then you won’t be sitting on a lonely couch with your hands to your head contemplating the “what if’s” and “I should’ve”. Instead, you’ll be content to know that you tried in any amount of ways to make it work but they didn’t reciprocate the effort. Instead, you’ll be happy if things work out and you’ll be happy when things don’t. God Bless.