Normally I would not take care to numb the Neanderthal based term on such a nuance of endearing enlightenment. But it now seems appropriate to address the numbing void of the “N” word.

Typically used in numerous ways of depreciation and social nostalgia the “N” word has had its transformation from the lips of a nemesis to the voice of supporters. The “N” word naturally transformed harsh toned realities into negligence. Individuals of many nationalities have taken what has been transformed into a word of brotherhood and placed upon themselves a neurotic choice of self-expression. I’m not saying the newly transformed “N” word is bad, but I’m obviously not saying it is good. It classifies most Negro’s as unintelligent despite the vivacious attitudes that accompany its sound off.

Why do individuals choose to translate hatred into its certain form of neurologically morbid welcoming is beyond my esteemed presentation. Admittedly, when I was a child I used the term just as freely as I breathed among other (not so quite nice) choice of words. But that was then and this is now and I’m no longer a nincompoop! Once I became a born again I formed a normalcy with education, edification and self-respect. I see the “N” word that is used in this like minded fashion, “You are kicked in the balls for 400 years and have decided to kick your fellow in the balls upon meeting him.” Howsoever you twist your feet in order not to mimic the slave masters intent is fine by you yet still, its a kick in the balls dude.

Regardless, honest words fall short of a hopeful nirvana where everyone who decided to use that word for hate or for “good” would stop kicking each other in the balls and smile about it. Such a dream would be a nightmare to the nutcracker now wouldn’t it? And petitioning the ban of that word would be just as useless in seeing it is cool for young men to be as negligent to laws as possible without getting into serious trouble. Either way I hope for the word to dissolve by the coming of a new age in seeing as how improbable it will deplete within this one.