During one of my stays at the hospital I was roomed with a very quiet man. He rarely spoke to the nurses and just the same towards other patients. On a day when I was minding my own business and reading the bible he spoke to me and asked questions pertaining to scripture. We had a good discussion that night when it was “lights out” and he shared with me his diagnosis. He was bi-polar and suffered depression. The voices in his head would tell him to do indecent acts towards others. They would keep him up at night, filling his thoughts with evil and torment if he did not do what they said. I asked what the thoughts were saying now as we spoke that night and he said to hurt me. I laughed and he joined me in laughter even though he didn’t know why.

I told the young man, “Your problem is simple. The voices that speak over you have gained superiority over your mind and actions. They rule you and your thoughts into evil deeds that I’m certain you don’t want to do. Why not picture yourself on a throne and on that throne 3 ants have walked into your kingdom. Now put the voices to those ants.” He did just that and said it wasn’t so scary anymore. “Now then, if the voices get a little too rough around the demands simply have them ordered into your dungeon where you can tie them up and hang them over boiling pots of water or doing other tasks of binding.”

When he tried it, he laughed; he laughed so much that tears started to form. Two weeks later he was talking to other patients and nurses. His father visited and came directly to me to shake my hand. His son had never been so full of life before. Of course I did warn him of getting carried away with his imagination. Not to let those things grow out of perception nor to go around harming ants. But if he did see one or any other kind of insect to be reminded of his strength.

If you are suffering from bi-polar disorder or depression.. perhaps give this a try along with other remedies that you’ve been given. Sit yourself down on a throne and take control of those voices.