It was 5:30 AM and I awoke from an explosion. “Yawn” I said as I got up half-eyed and slapping my lips together. I got out of bed and quickly took to an itch on my buttocks with no regard for the immediate sirens and shouting which took place.

After brushing my teeth I went into the kitchen to make my world famous strawberry pancakes when suddenly, “CRASH”. I turned slightly to my left and saw the hulk charging through a wall and creating a second window. He was at it with a super villain who went by the name Defendor. “You could’ve just knocked” I proclaim over my half burnt pancakes.

As the sun began to set I was dressed to take on the day. I hopped out my new window and slid by the rubble, apparently their fight lasted for 1 hour. “KABOOM” People fell to the supersonic sound waves of Superman taking flight. I looked up and could still see the stream of air flowing off his cloak and feet.

I neared the bus stop and sirens began to pour in again, “sigh” I mutter. Apparently the joker had stolen an armed bank truck and Batman was stomach flat on top of it trying to break through the roof of it. “Just go for the tires” I muster in my annoyance.

The bus finally arrived and only the gloves and shoes could be seen. “Hey there, how’s it going today” said the invisible man. I scowl, the wretch was probably naked and enjoying the laugh of it. I put in my fare and take a daring seat beside the beautiful Jean Grey.. she was texting Scott Summers otherwise known as Cyclops. I couldn’t help but notice one of the messages as I glanced over to her here and there it read, “Professor Xavier is trying that new Fro spray. Says it’ll give him a new look.”

The bus stops and I get off noticing that She-Hulk was walking 30 dogs down the street. A flyer slaps me in the face and it read, “Logan “the Wolverine” starring in tonight’s karaoke. I crumple the flyer and toss it behind me.

I enter the building and make my way down the hall and let the nurses know I was there for my appointment. The doctor calls me in and I see night crawler vanish into visibility, grab a document and poof into non-existence. I walk by the smoke which smelt of blueberries and apples.

“How are you doing today?” he asks. “Same old, same old” I say. Why must I be here anyway? All my life you hear stories about heroes and how they conquer the enemy. It just so happened that my enemy was a single voice that tormented me through out my days and nights. Was it so bad that I called the police and that they found no one there?

“And how’s your schizophrenia?” he asks. I sigh.. and nod. Then I begin to think and hope the interview finishes soon so that I may catch the karaoke after all.