Her beauty was none in question, though her form was deep with sorrow
“press your lips against mine” yet I said, “I’ll save that kiss for tomorrow”
She sighed and moved with feet for ballet across the boarded room
I followed unsure of these emotions and for fear of what I’d assume
She said, “I need affection, I need love.. I need to feel what you see”
“What I see?”, “Are you blinded by my charm, by my grace and telling beauty?”
I understood that what I saw she already knew
But superficial was her mind, and being broken meant it grew
“You need not be told what you know, but that which you are missing”
“And pray tell what would that be?” in her voice was hint of hissing.
“You aren’t missing a man to tell you things, or being reminded of your scorn.
.but with every rose in natures garden is promised there be thorns”
She scoffed, she turned she threw a fit, her hands shook with anger
I reached for her, but retracted I knew no word from me could tame her
Then she paused and wiped her tears, this broken soul of mine
She smiled and then she chuckled before saying, “Tomorrow will be just fine”