He starts the late night with repentance
He didn’t know where it was going to take him
All he knew is that he wanted to set things right with God
And as he lay there contemplating his woes with the Lord
He began to ask, “God what do you want with me?”
He asks this over and over
A thought that never leaves
And a voice whispers, “How do you know God is a he?”
He doesn’t answer
“Would it offend you if God were a she?”
He ignores the voice and focuses on the question, “God what do you want with me?”
It didn’t matter to him if God were a He or a She
What mattered to him were what did He want?
He looked at the time and it said 3 AM
Quickly getting up and deciding to go to the store
He walked the lonely road, checking stars and wind blown trees for a sign
“What do you want from me?” he asks again.
He reaches the store and the clerk is outside praying
This couldn’t be a prayer for me? he wonders
He shakes it off as coincidence
He goes to the back of the store and grabs a drink
“Oasis, Tropical Mango” it reads
He arrives to the clerk who responds, “Good choice”
While walking back to his home he asks, “God what do you want with me?”
And that deceiving voice returned with, “How do you know God is a He?”
He knew to avoid arguments with that voice
As idiotic as the question seemed it could lead into self condemnation
It could lead into blasphemy
It could lead into hell
He reaches his home and takes a drink from the Oasis
He begins to tear up not knowing what God wanted
He takes another sip
“God what do you want from me?”
Then suddenly something urges him to look down at the drink he’s holding
The first thing he see’s is the slogan
The slogan reads, “Be Pure”
He tears up…
But just before he shed’s a tear
He notices his thumb over the word Oasis
It covers the O and A reading “sis”
He says to himself.. “Be pure… sis”