I said, “Hey God, lets debate!”

God Laughs, “Now why would you want to do that?”

“I don’t know.. I know you know everything”

God replies, “Then you’ll know I’ll win no matter what?”

“Yea, but it doesn’t matter I guess..it’s about getting closer to you right?”

God laughs, “What would you like to debate about?”

“Unconditional Love..if it’s real!”

God says, “But you know love is already real

“Yea, but what about one without conditions? And, don’t make me win on purpose either!”

God laughs, “This debate is to seek my love?”

“Yea, of course”

God asks, “And it doesn’t matter if I win the debate?”

“Course not!”

God answers, “Then you have sought without condition

We laugh together..