We might not have all the ingredients to become the best recipe in another chefs choice of meal, but we do contain a degree of uniqueness that cannot be found in any others serving.

At times I come across people who are deeply insecure about the way they are as opposed to being secure in knowing who they are. So I sought God for the best valuable solution to this ongoing issue.

When I was told again by another that it is difficult for them to appreciate themselves..without a hint of condescension I said:

“I like books…and do you know why? because books contain a hidden power that is manifested from our initial interest. They contain a story that will indirectly and directly influence our lives, thoughts and emotions. A story that will bring out our hearts contents and provide for us insight into our own character and personality. It’s power offers the opportunity for change..great or small. The best thing about these stories..is that if they are good enough, we’ll return to it and want more of its kind. We’ll search and even wait in line for it. And if the story is just as good to be read and sought after again, it could become a favorite..we’d never forget it no matter if the cover went missing or a few pages ruined. We wouldn’t hold it against such a wonderful story..we’d look past that knowing the rest of what it contains. My point is, my dear friend..We all have a beautiful story that will influence the lives of others. A story that is worth remembering despite whether or not the cover is as attractive as the ..next book..or if a few pages have been ruined through out the years of mishandling and hardship. The rest of that story..just make it beautiful and you’ll appreciate yourself more because by the end of the day..when someone speaks of you and your influence in their life..are you not just another beautiful story being told anyway?”