Question: “Why should I believe in God when People kill in His name”

Answer: “It doesn’t matter in whose name they decide to defile. The act of evil is evil and God is not evil. It is liken towards me saying that you are evil if an ex-lover decided to kill in your name too. Should the world then begin to see you as evil, or understand that evil is placed upon an innocent name?”

Question: “Belief in God is no different than the Easter Bunny?

“Answer: “It’s our experiences with God which in turn develop our belief structures. We don’t have a belief structure with the Easter bunny simply because in our experiences through out history we’ve managed to assess it as a mythological subject, however. Through out history we’ve also been able to assess that God is beyond the subject of mythology and therefore carries a more intellectual and spiritual relevance to our kind and existence. The Easter bunny, does not offer the same context of belief structure as would any other fictional subject because the experience underlying these proponents have been proven false otherwise. They lack the edification we seek daily for personal growth and intellectual substance. These things being compared to God is like comparing ice skates with running shoes. Two different purposes with two different uses for our daily lives.”

Question: “I’m already a good person, why should I believe in God?”

Answer: We develop relationships in order to confirm our desire to love. The affirmation we receive in that love, confirms our capability and understanding of love. God is love, and the issue isn’t about affirming the good in us, but confirming the good that is in Him to be of us. His love is more superior to ours, and by understanding the goodness of that love we can better our relationships with Him and one another. It was never an issue of how good you are, or how good you can be, but that the goodness we have without our God is limited. The funny thing is, allot of individuals who refute God, live by God’s code without knowing it. They love their neighbors, they don’t steal. They love their enemies and forgive seventy times seven towards friends and families whether it be large or minimal mistakes. Allot of individuals have an aspect of His goodness but they refuse to confirm it by disbelieving the relevance of God in their daily lives.

Romans 2:14For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: