When we’ve “been here before” we hope to never see it again.
When worry derives from past failures, past faults and then;
We hope for new outcomes at our present time when-
All hope is lost and worry guides towards sin.

When we’ve heard “God has a plan” for us from another.
Not knowing we’ve sought for such from the others.
When we reach out in hope but find there are less words to discover.
We find worry has taken over upon the brink of ones shudder.

When we hear, “Have faith” we take it as a loss for certain.
Because we came to this place with that kind of faith dear person.
And hope fades from a grace that once held us alert and-
Worry takes face, and shades us in its curtains.

When given the “Hold on’s” and “We’re all on God’s team.”
Worry has us question what these terms really mean.
For at times with hope we arrive on scene.
Wondering if they are the hope we’ve waited for but it’s never as it seems.

When spoken “just pray” or ” on Gods time” we do learn.
That our Lord shall reward those with a stern patience that earns.
And thats when we realize our hope can be discerned.
Turning to ask, “Worry, when shall ye learn?”