If I told you about Mary
A sweet heart whose life was shoppin’
Got pinched the other day
For illegal pill poppin.

And Humpty was from the dumpty
He hung out by the wall and talked smack
Shared a laced mary Jane
And Humpty came out cracked.

Or what of Goldy picking locks?
Such a beauty if you did see
Broke into the Bears residence
And got slapped with B & E.

And the bread man sold his “ginger”
One day while selling to Stan
He looked over and shouted, “5-0!”
and did run as fast as he can.

Hanzel and Gretel weren’t innocents
Their parents drove em nuts
The bank robbery left bread leading-
Straight to a witches hut.

One Pig shot bricks in basketball
Another loves straw to this day
The 3rd was happiest of them all
Always answered his door with “Haaaaay”