There was a young man who was beaten by another and left hospitalized. After his stay at the hospital the young man was filled with hate and malice towards the aggressor. Every step he took was filled with anger and promises to get him back worst.

One night as the man slept God sent him a dream. He was walking in a forest to an unknown location and it was night out. He arrived to a sheltered area where a barn was on fire. He could hear screams for help from inside. Right away the man ran inside to help those in danger. When he fought his way through the flames and arrived to a ledge where two people were hanging he became shocked.

The hand clinging to the ledge was the man who had hospitalized him. Filled with anger and malice he was about to turn away until he heard a voice say, “that’s it.. follow me.. come this way down the hall. Forget him!” The man turned and saw the devil.. standing amidst the flames and encouraging him to follow him along a seemingly safe path.

Taken back the man became filled with fear and worried, “Have I been following the devil this entire time? Am I really going to just go down his path when someone needs my help?” Filled with tears he turned back to the man and tried to help him up.. “Why won’t you budge?”, “You have to forgive me, please hurry!” the man shouted.

Filled with such confusing emotions and cornered by the taunting of the devil the man didn’t know what to do.. what man would know what to do..

what would you do?