There was a young Atheist who was upfront about his despise in religion and ideals of God. This young man was also a swim captain who regularly argued with one of his members whom tried desperately to convince and convert him. One late night in the swimming hall locker room that same religious teammate spoke with the captain, “Just try praying.. once. If you don’t feel saved after it then I’ll never bring it up again” and at that he left. The captain was getting ready to do a late night dive but kept the lights off as not to stir any problems with the custodian.

As he climbed to the top he raised his arms to the sides and was just about to jump until he saw the outline of his shadow. His shadow reminded him of an image of Christ on the cross. At that he thought to himself and decided to pray. He knelt for a moment or two and was almost finished until the custodian came into the hall very loudly. “Hey! What are you doing up there!” the custodian said. “I’m just praying” said the captain. “No.. look down!” At that the swimmer looked down as the custodian turned on the lights and to the captains fearful amazement the pool he was about to dive in was empty.