Me: God.. why have you brought me to this point; to love you this deeply, wanting to be pure and rid of my evils? You took me out from what I knew. And introduced me into a world of desire. Why have you chosen me? Why me Lord?

God: Rabbit.

Me: I don’t understand?

God: You were trapped in darkness; your forest, with the things you’ve made to call home. Before a rabbit steps out into the open field, it must source the danger that is abound. It must ensure that what it is coming from is of no equal danger. Reluctant to the reason why you ask. Once the Rabbit is assured that there is no Danger it will step into the light and accept the goodness therein which it has to offer. Rabbits are no fools. They know the darkness of the forest which they’ve come from and will be aware of the potential evil that may try to step into the light and lure it within its clutches.

Me: But don’t Rabbit’s still have to return to that dark forest?

God: Is it no wonder that living in the world is dark, manipulative and deceptive? Who better to return to the darkness and tell of a glorious light to those whom are willing to listen than one whom is familiar and readied with response? Who better than one when in the light can watch for deception; than when carrying the word of the light can watch for it the more? Who better would know then to return back to what the light has to offer? Knowing full well of the goodness that cannot be found elsewhere within that darkness? Who better than a rabbit of the forest who desires the goodness which is in the light?

Note: The rabbit’s alertness and speed made it a Christian symbol of vigilance and the need to flee from sin and temptation.