As the restraining jacket is fit in,

“Plenty of momentary idealistic notions of self perpetuated glory and trend-able selfless deeds. We imagine ourselves within a society of influences to sustain a commanding uniqueness not bonded within everyday spectaculars. That our independence ascribes us to circumvent questionable opinions as facts and pontifical beliefs as fictional theories. We are of course above the grounds of judgment by any other known species in kind or of intellectual capacity to adhere into any preconceived objection regarding our ignorant sustainability. Yes, indeed, we manage ourselves to become more than what we’ve assumed in reality. Our contradiction is simply focusing in on the need to change for the better……just to fit in without fitting in to an others fit in….. as it is unlikely that you nor I shall see another individual purposely wearing 70′s garments in today’s era out of their own blissful guise in considerations towards a unique comprehension of style and expression. We would rather observe that individuals unusual revisiting as a perspective view towards a laden era where many thought that they too were differentiating themselves from their falsely esteemed predecessors. We are but instruments on hopeful modern, however thoughtfully intended, futuristic days of ironic escapades influentially indoctrinated by historically repetitious and inconclusive destinies.”


As he is led down a reflective hallway concordant with dirty windows,

“How often than not shall we contend with others within the facet of originality? How we portray hypocrisy in the astounding efforts to not conceal personal identity within public representations acceptance! We are not lacking logic in these mannerisms that of which we yearn for, No! We are simply enjoying the contradictions as they come along and calling anything that defies our demonstrative knowledge as pseudo-truth to an others contradiction inadvertently placing their foul differences within endearing terms of likely delusion and illusive thinking as an effectual truth to our existence and societal priorities! We intertwine our inner most beliefs as facts and engage upon society against an others attempt to break away because indeed, the shattering of our close-minded world is an expensive window to fix. The cost is greater than one would dare to imagine.”

As he is given psychotropic treatment,

“Such strength and gander! The confidence in my language, the twisting of words and blending of paradoxes like a drunkard enjoying the hundredth glass of his favorite whiskey despite the numbness to its taste. Yes, I have become him and I’ve also just won the lottery to top it off. Where one could be pleased with a cherry on top, I’m most certainly pleased to announce that my cherry is too large and fruitful for the cake of your can have my slice as I’ve the topping that many accredit it’s worth in having at the end of a meager prize! An astoundingly glorious eventuality now within my awkwardly despised possession.”

As treatment begins to occur,

“Awkward isn’t it? That in my methodical twisting of morbid philosophy, and circumstantial conjecture, that I am not one to isolate my self but have begun to separate myself from isolation? The degree in which one moment of seemingly fair solitude can indecisively become my cheating sanctuary!”

As he is led to his padded room,

“Am I crazy to disprove that crazy exists? Or is it crazy to refuse an others acceptance into the belief of what is deemed crazy? A clock is ticking and I can barely bring myself to an interest in seeing the time as it has been mocks residual observation. Much of that explains the hypocrisy in my journey with words and mind. That in the end of all ego and narcissism.. to let it all become freedom and to imprison the inventions of prison in an imprisoned mind bound to assessments dictating your sensibilities in freedom! To tell the young boy whom is bullied that they tease you in an effort to receive your respect towards them in their minuscule strength.” As the padded room door is closed, “I can be such a kid they would say.. these are thoughts of a kid! But as I would tell any other the resolve of such a term is indication to their feelings revealed subconscious under a blinding awareness to my underlying innocence! You see… my dear..the art in captivating an audience with common sense reversible to senseless drivel is not to have their mind thinking “What is this?” but to have their heart given the opportunity to get over it as no logic is without emotion!”

As the doctor finds it difficult to leave,

“And what you might ask…is “it”? Is “it” something of the self that they can not see? Is it something in this world that represents who we are? Or.. is it something personified in the art of telling theatrical lies for the sole purposes in allowing one of remarkable independence to think..grow and prosper in a newly defined protective sanity………….or is “it?”

As the keys are slipped under the door he smiles,

“inconsequentially marvelous……..indeed.”