“We come across individuals who declare that they need never to read the bible. Across individuals who rarely see the necessity of the bible. And individuals who know the importance of the bible.” The people shifted in their seats before exclaiming  “The parable of the sower”. I smiled and forwarded the conversation. “For people who never see much use of faith or the bible they are like individuals trapped on an island with two sticks. They cannot make a house out of the sticks. It cannot radio for help and to their awareness they are but two mere sticks. They sleep with their back turned to the sticks. They use the sticks to entertain themselves with music and art but when they are done using the sticks for useless things they throw them behind them onto the ground caring no less for where they land. The individual trapped on the island from time to time mocks the relevance of the sticks. To their submission with frustration they say the sticks are of no use to them, until. A storm passes by and the rain leaves them shivering. The next few days they are cold and ailing. They set their eyes upon the 2 sticks and begin to hope. They begin to search, their instincts to survive kick in. They begin to gather twigs and small shrubs in hopes to use those two sticks to make a fire. Unlearned but very careful not to break the sticks, they try many different ways to understand the process in building a fire with the little resources they have until finally.. They build a fire. They delight, they cry and shout ‘Thank you God’.”, “But what happened to the sticks?” they ask. “Now that they realized the usefulness of the sticks they no longer sleep with their back turned to them. They curl in their slumber holding safely yet tight to the sticks. They cleanse them and place them in safe areas. The music and art is no longer useless, but is vibrant and meaningful. On some days they worry where they may have misplaced the sticks, their source of fire and signal. They would search the entire island for them until retrieving them. And yes, they would check for intrusions, abrasions and the like to ensure the capability of their sticks. They would be sure to be more mindful as to where they put them. But lets say because of the fire that they do get rescued.. what happens to the sticks then? One could easily leave them on the island. Another could bring them onto the ship but if they misplaced it; wouldn’t dare bother search the ship as they would the island since they are now saved (get it?). Another after hearing the mockeries of others would toss them overboard into the very sea. But another would cling onto the sticks despite the rumors of foolishness and delusion that surrounded him. He would learn and teach what he had learned from the sticks to ensure the safety and love of others, never to lose those sticks. Could you blame such a man then? For understanding the power of two sticks? For understanding his faith and his bible and never wanting to depart?”