I remember when holding hands was a shared secret
You blushed at the thought of your first kiss
Introduced each man to your parents
You were a dime that noone could miss.

Your style in society was well mannered
Each word was well placed and concise
When things were going wrong
You’d know what to do without thinking twice.

Then a friend had you listen
To a few rappers who weren’t about shit
Nothing but drugs, sex and cars
You smiled when they called a beautiful girl a bad bitch.

After you bought designer clothes
Put on the loop earings and heels to the floor
You came around me
But I couldn’t recognize you anymore.

You wanted thugs and street minds
They made your heart race
They’d grab you by the waist
And call you bitch into your face.

Now keeping the men you date
A secret to your fam
It’s as though you became lost in a forest
Wolves surrounding a lamb.

You said,
“I want a man with standards” how could I forget?
But I ask, “what good are standards..
if you lack self respect?”

Seems becoming a baby momma
With a ride or die hubby
Who cheats and abuses his girl
Mentally and emotionally.

Is the thing that turns you on
A guy who doesn’t give a damn
But I figure it’s the nature of who you once were
.. that is attracted in trying to change a man.

A good girl gone bad