People are searching for other people in power
If you lack that power then you have nothing to offer
Crying won’t make anything better for a man
Save those tears for a day of success.

When you’re broke noone cares
Not everyone cares to hear wisdom without a profit
Time is money and some don’t take that time seriously
Save that knowledge for a day of success.

Talk is cheap and ears are expensive
We usually get one chance to shine
A second door opens but fewer people are in it
Save that shine for a day of success.

Noone wants to be led in your direction
Especially if the direction you  are going in has no apparent future
You can try to sell yourself but in doing so you might lose your soul
Save that soul for a day of success.

People will tell you things you already know
Things you’ve might have even said to others at one point
Patience is only virtued when stability is present
Save that patience for a day of success.

You might think you’re smart
But smarter people stay humble
Humility is key in achieving that level
Save that humility for a day of success.