She did ballet, her feet blessed the ground.
She danced to be seen, to be honored and crowned.
The people applauded at the grace of her gown.
Yet underneath she was missing what was yet found.

And after her dance she would see a movie.
A romance built upon love and love’s truly.
She would wipe a tear at the end as if it were duty.
And walk away in the crowd hoping to find what moved thee.

She would take the bus and on it did read.
Of love and heroics, of good men and good deeds.
She would sigh in agreement to an authors emotions that did bleed.
A look around the bus and there began an empty seed.

At home at the window pane however cliche.
She knew that by the rain it was not a good day.
To go out searching for what she did pray.
Knowing for certain where dissapointment lay.

Once the phone rang and was answered she was all too wise.
Her besties tried to mention quality guys.
With sorrow hidden betwixt the call in her eyes.
She knew that true love was now disguised.

“People don’t want weddings or families anymore,
They want fancy things that glitter.. big houses and more.
They want to be famous and have wealth till they sore.
True love is disguised beyond romances core.”

She hung up and walked to the other end of the room.
Watching her own steps in a sudden depth of gloom.
“Where has true love gone?” she dare not assume.
It has been disguised in the world she resumes.