This question has a perplexity of options. Idealistically I see myself maintaining a job, owning a home or renting an apartment. An affordable car with the possibility of good friends and neighbors. I also see myself with a wonderful partner who I eventually marry because we connect above average standards. We don’t yell when we argue nor do we turn our backs on the needs of another. And when we do marry we would create a loving family built on morals and good judgement. Teaching our children to respect themselves, their friends, teachers and of course parents. Setting goals between ourselves and individual goals that we’d like to see happen.


I’d be a working class father who only anticipates seeing his wife after a long days of work. She’d be my get away, my vacation and passing by of the hours. To find that sort of thing in a world that is conditioned by today’s music, internet topics and media entertainment all around is ideal but realistically difficult.. and yet I’d still try.

In 5 years all I’d want is to be established financially with a partner. I don’t have to be rich but I would like to taste success in one of my few projects that I’ve began within the years.

The reality of my dreams begins when I wake up. I’m alone and struggling to find work. I see happiness in others, not many.. but for those I do see it in I can say I crave that.

Once you become a born again and turn to God you are on the other side of the fence. It’s no longer about stacking money, chasing women or wearing the freshest gear imaginable. It’s about doing right in his eyes. And for the 5 year plan that I hope to gain I stay praying that I’m a voice in God’s ears and not one of those lost children whom He has decided are not worth the listen.

In 5 years I simply want the typical life.. doesn’t have to be fancy or filled with cars and jewelry. Shiny things come and go. Stability is what it’s called, I’d like to have that for myself.

They say God doesn’t answer your prayers only when He is keeping you away from a disaster. I’d like to trust in that thought. In 5 years I’d just like to be happy.