I remember back in the days when I was a thug. I swore every second, dressed in baggy jeans and did all kinds of terrible things that I have repented for.
At the time, women seemed to love that facade. They loved mystery and danger and wanted to be with me. They wanted to be with someone who was rough on the outside, knew the streets and took initiatives. I was that dude who spoke in slang, who had the jewelry and the money to back up my actions.
When I became saved, those kinds of women became less appealing. Some might say it’s because I’m to used to them and wanted a different variety, but I say it’s because I’ve changed. I understand what is meant when they say, “A good man won’t stand for that” while at the same time self-admitting that I am a good man these days.
A good man won’t stand for constant arguments. He won’t stand for selfishness or frustrating situations that lead into other frustrating situations on a daily basis. A good man won’t allow his partner to mock him or deny him his free will to think and feel. A good man is purposed to provide, protect and love unconditionally but will not sacrifice these gifts to an individual who won’t reciprocate.
Being a good man now a days is tough. You know when women say, “It’s hard to find a good man”? well now that I’m apart of that discussion I can see deeply into that opinion. Some want a guy to be there, not cheat and love them as they are.
To want something good you have to realize the good in yourself first or else it won’t stay. To realize that good you have to do away with the evil surrounding you and influencing your choices in a spouse. I’d like to say that patience and standards that are kept are also valuable principles in achieving that goal.
I guess that’s all for now.. thanks for listening to my rant.