One of two gladiators became aware of his evil deeds and quit fighting in an arena to become a hunter. He would learn about life and the secret wisdom hidden within the relativity of the universe while providing for the people. The other gladiator did not like this and plotted to destroy this hunter. “Look at how he talks and how he represents himself! He surely finds himself to be better than us!?”

He convinced the evil King to bring the hunter back into the arena to defend his crimes! As the hunter was placed into the arena some of the audience wanted blood and some wanted justice. The evil King deemed both of those moralities as one in the same and beckoned for the games to begin. “Before we begin then, shall I not issue a challenge of my own?”. asked the hunter. The evil King became intrigued and beckoned for the hunter to propose it. “It is easy for one such as I to be brought to your eyes? Then for a moment shall I not bring you to see what I have seen? Allow me to bring forth a rabbit out of the dark forest and place it within the forest of light. As I release the rabbit into the forest of light let the gladiator stand behind it and we’ll see if the rabbit would still prefer the light or the darkness”.

The evil King agreed and the entire arena followed the hunter. As the wager began the rabbit did not budge even thought the gladiator stood behind it and the gladiator had just about enough of the peoples laughing at his failing. “I’ll show you who the rabbit fears!” and at that the gladiator stepped forward unafraid of the dark forest. As the gladiator neared the rabbit he heard a horrifying roar come from the dark forest. The rabbit ran off past the gladiator and further into the forest of light as the gladiator stood frozen face to face with a terrifying creature.

All the people who were gathered remained watching to see what would happen next. As the hunter began to leave into the forest of light the evil king quickly asked, “So are you trying to say that you are a terrible creature?” “No, I’m the rabbit who chose the light”.