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Well Damn.. looks like shit will never change for us kind black folks. We rally against what seems to be racial brutalities and yet behind our closed doors and comfy vehicles we entertain ourselves with the most disruptive and discouraging music to hit our culture. I mean sure, the beat might slap and the lyrics might have one or two words of meaning but the entirety of the song is, well..

It’s gotten so bad that now a man can freely call a woman a bitch and get away with it. It’s not demeaning either they say its a term for endearment.. can you spell manipulation nigga?

Now now, back on the main topic. Nigga’s be like, lets rally for trayvon right, but then in the same night nigga’s be singing to their favorite song, “fuck deez niggaz I’m bout my paper”

I get that injustice is wrong but if you find entertainment in injustice within your music, videos and livelihood you got to understand the hypocrisy.

Shit nigga’s will say that I’m being an uncle tom cause my black ass is speaking against their life. “It’s a struggle, it’s a trap.. it aint like we gotta choice” nigga plz we all have choices it’s just that not many of us have the courage to choose the positive one and stand out from the crowd.. many would rather stand with because of fear in being alone or excused from social activities.

Nigga, on one hand you got people gathering and talking about MLK. And then on the other hand you got nigga’s talking about guns, ho’s, cars and money. Make up your mind.. evaluate your situation and circumstances and decide if you truly have a legitimate voice in not just political measure but community standards.